Reminder – Superfast Broadband Survey

The response from residents to the recently circulated survey regarding Superfast broadband provision has been excellent. But there is still time to respond, if you have not so far done so.

Paper forms can still be returned to the Village Shop or you can complete the form on-line here at the village web site.

The form will take less than a minute to complete and is available by clicking here.


Winter Weather Precautions for Hambledon

A major cut of trees close to power lines was completed this year by Scottish and Southern Energy in an effort to reduce the frequency of electricity supply disruption to Hambledon.

SSE has also upgraded and refurbished power lines into the village and promised better communications in the event of outages.

Nevertheless, it is wise to take precautions in a rural area that has suffered from extensive power failures in recent years, usually caused by trees and branches falling onto cables during high winds.

003SSE has provided the Parish Council with a quantity of telephones that do not require a power supply to work, wind-up radios, battery-operated magnetic lamps, safety lightsticks, compact foil blankets and heat packs for warming cold hands.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from any of these items they are available free for collection from the village shop.

It is important to remember that many modern phones require power to operate so a stand-by phone that simply requires a connection to the telephone line is an essential.

Stock up on batteries for torches and radios.

In extreme weather electricity and telephone lines may fail as may mobile phone networks.  Snow or fallen trees can isolate the village. Although such an outcome is rare it has happened. The Parish Council has an emergency plan in place to help cope with such an event.

It is worth remembering that the phone kiosk at the village shop will continue to work in a power failure. The pay phone no longer accepts coins but you can dial 999 for free. You can also dial 100 for the operator to make reverse charge calls.

If you, or someone you know, may be considered vulnerable during a power cut, you can register with SSE’s Priority Services Register on 0800 294 3259. There is a leaflet in the shop explaining this service.

The following telephone numbers and addresses should be kept handy.

SSE – Scottish and Southern Energy (power cuts and emergencies): 0800 072 7282.

Surrey County Council (for on-line updates and advice):

Latest travel information:

Waverley Borough Council: For general information, refuse collections etc, go to adding the word weather to the search bar if your inquiry relates to this issue. Also, for latest news and emergency updates from the borough go to

Radio updates will be broadcast on BBC Surrey on 104.6FM and on Eagle on 96.4FM

Hambledon village website will also carry updates:

In the village, the Hambledon Emergency Team is:

Stewart Payne – 07831 393561, Tim Coleman – 07838 763767, and Nick Watson – 07770 553686

In the event of severe disruption and communication failure the emergency team will be on hand around the village, centred at the village shop.


Hambledon Village Shop Needs Your Help

Hambledon Village Shop is run for the benefit of the village and relies on volunteer help. We need people to help out on weekdays and weekends so if you can spare a few hours each week, every other week or on weekends, please get in touch with Gill, our Shop Volunteer Coordinator by clicking here and using the contact form.

shop smallThe more people that get involved, the less everyone has to do. We are particularly short of volunteers on weekday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm and Saturday mornings.

Working in the shop is a great way to get involved in village life, meet your neighbours and contribute to our thriving community.


Superfast Broadband – Equal Access for All

The Parish Council is asking all residents of Hambledon to complete a short survey concerning superfast broadband provision.

If you live in Hambledon, a paper form will be put through your letter box in the next few days. However, it would help considerably, if those who are able, complete the form on-line here at the village web site.

The form will take less than a minute to complete and is available by clicking here.