Planning for Hambledon’s future – Latest

In 2003 Hambledon produced a Parish Plan to help shape its future.  Since then the Parish Council has examined various other formal frameworks to ensure the village’s ambitions for the years ahead are taken into account by Waverley Borough Council and other authorities.

These have included producing a Village Design Statement and Neighbourhood Plan, a route which some villagers had asked the council to consider.

After seeking professional advice – and taking into account the cost and resources necessary for such measures – it was decided that there were insufficient benefits to justify the time and money involved.

Instead it considered producing a Community Plan, which is smaller in scope that a Neighbourhood Plan and arguably more relevant to a little rural village.

Whichever method the parish council adopted for drawing up a blueprint for the future, it would require financial assistance and community volunteers. In the event neither was forthcoming.

It was hoped that funding for a Community Plan would be awarded by the Big Lottery Fund and that sufficient villagers would volunteer to participate in its preparation.

However, The Big Lottery, which distributes National Lottery money for community causes, turned down the request. The application had been carefully prepared with professional help. But Big Lottery experts could not see why a Community Plan was required to address the needs and issues set out in the application.  (This point had also been raised in previous advice given to the Parish Council, including from Waverley Borough Council.)

The second set back was that one month after an appeal for volunteers appeared in the Parish Magazine and on the village website only six responses had been received.

So it’s back to the drawing board.


Although there have been changes since Hambledon produced its Parish Plan in 2003, it would be difficult to improve on its objectives.  The Parish Council has therefore decided to continue using it as a base document but to up-date it and re-issue it, either in its existing form or in a new format and perhaps with a more appropriate title.

Village organisations and individuals are therefore being asked what would make Hambledon a better place for them and their activities.

The responses will be incorporated in a discussion paper which will be made widely available early in April.  The paper will then be discussed and questions arising from it addressed at the Parish Assembly on 16 April.  Funds for printing the completed plan have been included in the 2016-17 budget. It will also be available on the village web site.

So, in thanking those who did volunteer to help with a Community Plan, the Parish Council  now asks them and as many other villagers as possible to give some thought as to what they think would make Hambledon an even better place in which to live.

Examining the 2003 Parish Plan and its most recent up-date might be a good point from which to start. This can be found on this web site here: Parish Plan documents . Or you can ask the Clerk ( via email, or telephone 01428 684213) for a hard copy

Please make sure that comments are either posted by clicking the comment link at the top of this article, or sent to the Clerk by 15 March so that they can be included in the discussion document.




Village Fete Meeting – HELP WANTED

The organisers of the Hambledon Village Fete – which takes place on the Cricket Green on Saturday June 18 – are holding a meeting on March 8 to help finalise arrangements. Please see the following from Philip Underwood.



A meeting will be held at 8pm on Tuesday 8th March in the Football Club pavilion. It is important that as many helpers as possible attend as we have to finalise details of the events, stallholders and the general running of the fete.

Village Fete and Dance June 21 2014 (5)We shall also be looking for donations of prizes for the raffle. If any local businesses would like to help with sponsorship in return for advertising, it would be appreciated.

Many people who have assisted in the past are no longer in the village, so we desperately need new helpers. If unable to come but wish to join in, please contact



Dunsfold – last chance to support or oppose development

The Dunsfold Aerodrome planning application for re-development of potentially 3400 homes has a deadline for comments to support or oppose the scheme.  All comments must be submitted by 4 o’clock this Friday 5th February. Do make your views heard on this important issue by completing the simple form at the Waverley Planning website:

Link to comment on the Planning Application.


Note:  You will also find supporting documents and reports on the Planning website, notably the applicant’s consultant’s Traffic Assessment – part of which makes curious reading – notably about the road links (page 7 onwards) and “potential” commuter bus shuttle services to Witley and Milford rail stations and it’s impact on projected car journeys (page 99).


Too good to throw away?

jumble sale

The Management Committee of Hambledon Village Hall is organising a Traditional Jumble Sale to raise funds.

This will be held on April 16, more details to follow.

Do you have objects in your home that you have never used or things that have been used, are still in good condition but you don’t need anymore?

Please contact John Tidmarsh on 01428 682067 to see if they are suitable to be recycled at the jumble sale.


Dunsfold redevelopment consultation deadline 5th Feb

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 15.31.53As announced earlier on this site, the new planning application for a new town on the Dunsfold Aerodrome is currently being considered by Waverley Council.  The deadline for residents to make comments to the planners is 5th February.   More information here:

Click here to go to Waverley Planning site: Planning Application Documents