Recycling those empty medicine blister packs

Hopefully you are fortunate and don’t have regular medical prescriptions! However if you do, then each time you finish a pack it should go in your wastebin, to subsequently go to landfill. As the blister packs are made from rigid plastic sides with aluminium foil they require specialist treatment. Terracycle is a group that specialises in dealing with ‘difficult to recycle’ packaging and can organise this. I was concerned about the final destination of the items they collect but it would seem they carry out due diligence to ensure their contractors are doing what they say!

Locally the packs can be taken to Superdrug in Guildord for collection by Terracycle. Clearly it makes more sense to take a large amount there, rather than making individual journeys. Terracycle make a small donation to Marie Curie Foundation during the process. I have a collection box on my front doorstep (5 Duncombs Cotts GU8 4DB) and also a box next to the telephone kiosk by Hambledon Village Stores, and am happy to make the journey to Guildford when I have several sacks full! So please save those packs and drop them in when passing – a little more plastic and aluminium reused and prevented from entering landfill!

Parish Council Response to rail timetable cuts

Hambledon Parish Council has prepared and submitted a detailed response to the proposal by South Western Railway to halve train services from Milford and Witley stations.

SWT has conducted a public consultation on the changes it wishes to bring into operation when it introduces a new timetable in December this year.

The new timetable, if implemented, would see a significant reduction in peak time services from the two nearest stations to Hambledon – Milford and Witley – used by many residents to commute to work, to schools and for services not available in our village location, such as surgeries, hospitals and large shops and supermarkets.

The response, prepared by Councillor Robin McKeith, challenges the presentation of data by SWT, examines flaws in the process and points out that a significant reduction in services will cause over-crowding, force more cars on to the road and is not in line with Government policy to encourage train use.

Local MP Jeremy Hunt was sent a copy of the parish council response. He described it as “brilliant” and said he plans to quote from it in his weekly update of constituency matters.

The response can be found on the Document Library of the Parish Council on this website, or here:

Parish Council Co-Opts New Member

Jude Milan

Hambledon Parish Council has co-opted Jude Milan to join its ranks after a very close-run selection process that saw three excellent candidates put their names forward.

A vacancy occurred following the retirement of John Anderson, who was a councillor for 38 years, the last 17 as chairman.

As no scheduled elections are due until May 2023, and there was no formal call for a by-election, the parish council was authorised to fill the vacancy by co-option and duly advertised the process in the parish magazine, on this website and on parish noticeboards.

The three candidates wrote, as requested, a brief submission and these were considered by the council at its meeting on September 7th. Councillors decided that all three were suited to the role and had excellent credentials. With little to choose between them, the council followed advice from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), the body that represents the interests of town and parish councils, and conducted individual, face-to-face informal interviews.

One candidate withdrew at this stage, leaving Jude Milan, from Paddock Close, and Graeme Guthrie from Warren Lane. Both were interviewed at the village hall on September 14th, and it was clear that both were keen to work in the best interest of the village and had previous experience in areas of life that ideally prepared them for the role.

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An opportunity to contribute to the village…


The position of Chair of the Hambledon Community Fund is vacant.

Please see below for more details.

The Hambledon Community Fund (HCF) was established in 2008 to create a permanent sustainable fund specifically for the benefit of groups, organisations and individuals in Hambledon. The Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS) performs the financial and legal management of the Fund along with 80+ other funds across Surrey. It works hand-in-hand with our village grants panel, made up of representatives of village organisations and which is responsible for making decisions on grant applications.

As donations are made and the Fund’s capital grows, dividends are put back into the community as grants. The capital fund stands at a little over £200,000 and 37 grants, totalling approximately £43,000, have so far been awarded across all of the village organisations. 

Julie Llewelyn stepped down from her role as chair of the Hambledon Community Fund in April this year to become High Sheriff of Surrey 2021 – 2022, having filled the role from the inception of the Fund. The village owes her a huge debt of gratitude for her hard work managing and growing the Fund to where it stands today.

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Deadline Approaches for Parish Council Co-Option. Please Consider Applying.

There is one week left for villagers to put themselves forward to be considered for co-option onto Hambledon Parish Council.

There is a vacancy caused by a resignation and, as local elections are not due until May 2023 and there has been no formal call for a by-election, the vacancy must be filled by co-option.

Parish councillors are unpaid, non-political and their role is to serve the community at the grassroots level of local democracy.

If you feel you have something to give to the village, then please consider putting you name forward. Meetings are held once a month at which consideration is given to planning applications, support for community organisations and to address any issues of local concern.

Further details can be found here:

Rejoice The Voice – Saturday 4th September

When the dust settles from the Hambledon Fete there is Jo Kirkland and David Kirby’s music festival “Rejoice the Voice” to look forward to next Saturday September 4th 12-10pm. A festival in a day with all proceeds going to MND and Alzheimers. Tickets available in advance only at
With three stages including a Main Stage, Woodland Stage and Grotto Stage it promises to be a day full of music to suit all tastes, plus delicious locally produced food and drink including our very own Vann Lane Gin. Please do buy tickets, support the charities and this fabulous one off local venture.

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