Do you recall the HP Herald crash of 1958?

On a quiet Saturday afternoon in August 1958 the Hambledon cricket team were assembled on the Green. Their play was interrupted by the noise of an aircraft very low overhead. Arthur Blackman looked up to see an airliner on fire with flames engulfing the starboard wing. The aircraft was only one minute away from disaster.

Seconds later a couple of residents of Hydestile saw the aircraft approaching, at 1000ft, heading West. Paul Vacher recalls it vividly and recounted how he saw the starboard engine fall off the wing and plummet towards the ground – estimating that it came down in the fields to the North West of Hydestile crossroads.

Handley Page Dart Herald prototype flying at 6000′ over the Surrey Weald alongside a HP Victor V-Bomber
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Heritage Society Talk 2024

King George V Hospital and St. Thomas’ Hospital History

Here is a recording of the illustrated talk at this year’s Hambledon Heritage Society AGM.
It is 1 hour long and was presented to a packed village hall on the 14th March 2024. You will find more information about the hospitals and their history in the main menu under History/Hospital Histories.

Hour long presentation March 2024, Hambledon Village Hall


It’s that time of year when those of us who have horses and other livestock, would love your help to keep them safe around Guy Fawkes night. Last year with your support and everyone’s diligence in the village, we were extremely thankful that none of us had any accidents or vets visits (some will remember we had a horse that nearly died from being spooked by fireworks in 2021). So please, again this year, we ask for your help to publicise and perhaps educate those who are not aware of the inherent risk from fireworks being set off near horses and livestock. It really can cause terrible tragedy. There are several stables in the village, that due to the current mild weather, have horses, including foals out at night in the fields. We really appreciate your support again.

Thank you on behalf of all the horses and livestock owners Sarah Morris (Hydon Farm) and Julie Davis (Daremead)

Hambledon Good Neighbour Scheme (HGNS)

Transport to surgeries, clinics, opticians, dentists and hospitals within a 20 mile radius of Hambledon. Collections of prescriptions.

Originally set up by Georgina Aylward, Sarah King and a few other community-minded volunteers, the Scheme was re- launched in June 2023 to expand both its volunteer base and the number of Villagers it assists and to make it compliant with up to date requirements for schemes of this kind.

Run by a small band of Hambledonians, HGNS is there to help local residents and is essentially a community car scheme for those in need. HGNS volunteer Mary Grove says “the scheme is really to fill the gap in local public transport for those who live in Hambledon who don’t drive and would otherwise find it difficult to get to medical appointments. Having local drivers who you know and can rely on means one less worry.”

The scheme was set up with a generous grant from the Village Festival Committee to meet its initial costs. Ongoing, it aims to be self-funding and non-profit making. Clients may wish to make a small voluntary contribution to help meet the Scheme’s costs.

HGNS would welcome new volunteers to join the roster of helpers. There are essentially two roles. Administrators, who monitor and respond to the HGNS mobile answerphone system, allocating the trips to drivers and then confirming the details back to the clients. This role is not onerous, can be managed from home or remotely and is rotated on a weekly basis. Volunteer drivers with their own car who can dedicate their time travelling to and waiting at appointments. Motor expenses and any parking costs incurred are reimbursable.

If you would like to help HGNS in either or both of these volunteer roles

you need transport to a medical appointment

then please ring the HGNS Helpline number 07400 839471 and wait for the recorded message.

Thank you Quizzers!

It was full house at the Village Hall on 1st April for the Quiz Night in aid of The Stroke Association. Our quiz master Bill Dann provided his usual excellent quizzing – often it isn’t what you know but how you played your multiplier (never works for me though!) Halftime saw provision of a hot meal – chilli con or sin carne, plus baked potatoes.salad, and sourcream and sweets for pud (chilli ably cooked by Lauren, Tina and Martyn) which was very much enjoyed. Sarah Stuckey headed the winning table – congratulations!. It was an enjoyable evening which raised £1320 – this donation can be seen on Nick Davey’s Just Giving site.

Nick is Tina and Robin Cole’s son-in-law and is running the London Marathon on 23 April – by the time you read this hopefully he will have achieved a good time and raised even more for The Stroke Assoc. Thank you all so much for supporting our event.

The next Bill quiz in the Village Hall will be on Sat 25th November, in aid of the Hall funds.
Mary G