Poppy Day Appeal

This year the general appeal kicks off on Saturday 26 October.   To make it incredibly easy for everyone in Hambledon to contribute to this important and ever-popular cause, on 26 October no-one need go any further than Hambledon Village Shop where poppies will be flowering and collection boxes will be manned from 09.30.  So please don’t buy your poppy from Sainsburys or Waitrose – home-grown is by far the best!   

Christine Campbell, who for many years acted as the local organiser of the Royal British Legion Poppy Day appeal, has reluctantly decided to stand down and I have volunteered to take over (for a second time – not that many of you will remember me in this role during the 1990s!).   But I only stepped in at the beginning of October, which hasn’t left much time to organise this year’s appeal.  

I have, however, decided to pass on house-to-house collections – times have moved on since this was the principle way of attracting donations and nowadays most people tend to contribute at local sites.  

For those of you who can’t join in the official launch at the Village Shop, could I please encourage you to contribute via the collection box that will remain there for a couple of weeks;  or via the boxes at the Merry Harriers, St Peter’s Church and Phillips Garage (as well as at St Dominic’s, the Nursery School and the Cheshire Homes).    The Football Club has also volunteered to hold collections at home matches to be played at Badger Park on 26-27 October, 2-3 November and 9 November;  and there will, of course, be the usual collection at the Remembrance Day service at St Peter’s Church on Sunday 10 November.

If you have queries please contact me on 01428 684213 or email j.woolley881@btinternet.com.

Folk songs and Dolly Parton songs at the Village Hall, this Friday at 7pm!

   Come along to the Village Hall this Friday evening, 7pm for 7.30 for a wonderful evening of strytelling, comedy, a bit of audience participation and fantastic music.

The award-winning Little Bulb Theatre Company presents Mountain Music, the story of the people who left the British Isles for a new life in America taking with them their traditional folk music. We will be taken on their journey with them and experience the development of those folk songs into modern day country music. There will be old folk songs, there will be Patsy Klein, Dolly Parton and even Witney Houston!

The production opened last Thursday at Farnham Maltings to a full and very appreciative house and is now beginning its national tour. The Village Hall committee is extremely grateful to Farnham Maltings and to Waverley Borough Council for offering us the opportunity to present Mountain Music in Hambledon.

Tickets are limited so do get yours while you can from the village shop. £12 for adults and £10 for children. Tickets also available on Eventbrite where a booking fee will be add to each ticket price.

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mountain-music-tickets-74006703041 or just Google Eventbrite Hambledon Mountain Music



Hambledon Village Christmas Dance – Saturday 14th December

This years Christmas Dance will be held at the Village Hall on Saturday 14th December from 8.00pm to midnight.

Toxic Sausage will be providing the music, there will be a licensed bar and the Vann Lane Gin Bar. Grazing Boards will provide fuel for the dancing.

Tickets are available at £15 per person, either on-line at https://ti.to/hambledon-festival/christmas-dance-2019 or at Hambledon Village Shop.

Proceeds from the event will be split between Cancer Research and village organisations.

‘Mountain Music’ at the Village Hall – Friday, October 11th, 7.30 pm


On Friday, October 11th the Village Hall Committee is hosting a new musical production called Mountain Music from the award-winning Little Bulb Theatre Company. It is part of an initiative by Farnham Maltings, supported by Waverley Borough Council to promote theatre in Village Halls and the production is currently on a national tour.

It tells the story of American country music from its celtic origins in the UK to the present day. It is performed by a small group of talented musician/actors and we are expecting beautiful harmonies, swinging country music and a good old-fashioned hoedown!

Watch the video below to brighten up a rainy day and get a taste of what’s to come!

This promises to be a wonderful evening and we really want to support this worthwhile initiative from the Maltings so please do come along to the village hall on Friday 11th October at 7.30.

Tickets are £12 (£10 for under 16s) available, as always, from the Village Shop.

Tickets can also be bought online from Eventbrite at the following https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mountain-music-tickets-74006703041 Please note that online tickets incur a booking fee of £1.52 per each adult ticket and £1.37 per each child’s ticket.



Citizens Advice sponsored walk was a big success

Thank you from Jane Woolley.

You may know that I did a sponsored walk on 15 September to raise money for Citizens Advice on the occasion of its 80th birthday.   Citizens Advice set me a target of 10 miles; I set myself a target of £1,000.  But how wrong I was!

It was a glorious day:  perfect weather, magnificent scenery, good walking conditions and excellent company.  We set off from the Citizens Advice office in Haslemere and walked across National Trust land along the Serpent Trail and then up Blackdown, reaching the top at the Temple of the Winds where crystal clear views stretched across the Weald and the South Downs to the sea.  I’ve never seen anything better.  Then it was onwards (and downwards!) through the Blackdown estate vineyards to Fernhurst where the Red Lion welcomed us for lunch; after which we meandered gently along the bottom of Blackdown to return to Haslemere.  It certainly didn’t feel like 10 miles but it truly was!

That was the good part.  But the best part is that, thanks to the incredible support I received from so many villagers, I raised over 50 per cent more than my target.  Over £1,600 has reached Citizens Advice Waverley via your on-line donations, cheques and cash, nearly all of which were gift aided.  I am overwhelmed by your generosity:  thank you all so much.

Jane Woolley

Relief Road Across The Surrey Hills – Proposal Is Scrapped

Following efforts by the parish council and several Hambledon residents an assurance has been given that the proposal for a new relief road to be built across the Surrey Hills Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty will not be pursued.

An organisation called the Guildford Society had put forward the idea as a means of relieving traffic on the A281 when Dunsfold Aerodrome is developed into a large housing estate. It proposed a new road should be built linking the development with an enlarged Milford station and the A3, routed through the Surrey Hills at Burgate Farm, Feathercombe and Hydestile. See earlier news story here:

The idea was presented to a meeting of the Surrey County Council Waverley Local Committee and Colin Kemp, deputy leader of SCC, said he would ask his officers to consider whether to conduct a feasibility study into the proposal.

Hambledon Parish Council expressed its opposition to the idea and has been in touch with Mr Kemp. He has now given the following statement.

I have read a lot of paperwork and had many conversations on this matter to get a true understanding of the issue.

On the main point of the question which was a relief road, I believe the environmental and local impact would be too great and don’t believe this could be delivered and should not be pursued any further.

Having said that, it has become clear to me that with all the planned developments around this area we need to look at the road network and identify pinch points through the route and see if there are any local improvement schemes that would ease congestion and then see if we can identify funding for these.

I am sorry if this caused concern but I don’t believe is saying no just because somebody else did. If I am asked a question, I will always consider evidence before giving a formal response.


Colin Kemp

Deputy Leader

Surrey County


The matter was also taken up by concerned residents at Feathercombe, leading to local MP Jeremy Hunt contacting Surrey County Council on their behalf. He has received the following reply from Gill Steward, who is executive director for community protection, transport and environment.


She wrote:

Dear Mr Hunt,

Thank you for your correspondence forwarding on the concerns of Ms Jo Bell regarding proposals for a new road link between Dunsfold and the A3 at Milford.

Colin Kemp, Deputy Leader for Surrey County Council, was asked the question through Committee whether the County were prepared to undertake a feasibility study into the Guildford Society’s proposals for a new road link between Dunsfold and the A3 at Milford. He responded by saying that he understood the matter had been considered, but wanted the opportunity to speak with officers about the proposal and consider the work previously undertaken, to establish if it was a viable option. This was to ensure that he had been thorough in his consideration before providing a view on the matter.

As a result, following the review of the option with officers Colin has come to the conclusion that the road scheme is not viable and that it would have a significant environmental impact on the communities along its route. There is therefore no intention to undertake any further studies or investigation of this proposal.

I hope this addresses the concerns raised and clarifies the position regarding the feasibility study.

Kind regards,



Hopefully that will be the end of the matter.

Hambledon Fashion Show – Thursday, September 26th

Don’t miss out on the fantastic Hambledon Fashion Show at the Village Hall on September 26th at  7pm.

It will be a relaxed but fun evening with our star Hambledon models and the chance to top up your autumn wardrobe! There will be a licenced bar and raffle.

Tickets are £7, available from the Village Shop or from Anthea on 07941 961 969.

We have a minimum amount of tickets we need to sell for the show to go ahead so, if you’re coming, we’d be very grateful if you could buy your tickets as soon as you can!

This weekend at Badger Park

Coming up at Badger Park this weekend we have games on Saturday and Sunday.

First up on Saturday the First team welcome University of Surrey for a 2pm KO followed by the Vets on Sunday. As Rushmoor Community Vets are the visitors for a 10:30am KO.

Weather looks good so come and enjoy a game of football and a drink.


Hambledon Film Night, Friday October 4th – Fisherman’s Friends – 7.30 for 8pm

There’s a lot going on at the village hall this autumn so don’t forget to buy your tickets for the next Hambledon Film Night. We will be showing Fisherman’s Friends. A comedy based on the true story of a cynical London music executive attempting to sign-up a group of shanty-singing Cornish fisherman. Licensed bar, tea, coffee,cake and popcorn all avaliable! Tickets £5 each from the Village Shop.

Update On Guildford Society’s Dunsfold Relief Road Proposal Through Surrey Hills AONB

This is an update on an earlier news item regarding a suggestion by the Guildford Society for a relief road linking the proposed housing development at Dunsfold Aerodrome with Milford Station and the A3. Please see http://www.hambledonsurrey.co.uk/?p=11482  for background.

At the time of publishing this news item a response was awaited from Colin Kemp, Surrey County Council deputy leader, who had indicated he was prepared to consider whether a feasibility study should be held into the Guildford Society proposal. Cllr Kemp has since responded in the following terms:

“Although I was aware this idea had been looked into before I was not up to date with this proposal or the details. I am not above being open and re-looking at any proposal to make sure the correct decision that as originally made was correct at the time and the situation has not changed, I will not just say no because somebody else said no, if I am asked a question I will review the situation before giving a response.

This will entail me asking officers to brief me on the original report and findings, I will then ask questions and wait for responses and this is what I am in the process of doing. I will report back to the local committee when I have done this work.

I can only imagine the upset this proposal caused and for that I apologise but I have been asked a question and I will do the work before responding.”

Colin Kemp
Deputy Leader