Stir crazy? Need a family orientated distraction?

The Hambledon Village Hall Quizes have been stopped for the forseable future but there is a way to keep your quiz brain active. How about a live quiz? Nick Heath has started running live quizes from his home in Tooting and streaming them live on YouTube. Anyone can play along and there is no need to sign up to play. If you watch on the Youtube site there is an interactive chat function. It has become a 8pm ritual for families to virtually join Nick of a Wednesday evening. You can play along with this recording of his second Quiz from a few day’s back. Or Subscribe to his channel to be notified when his next live stream is scheduled.

If you like the thought of live quizzes then there is an idea to run a Hambledon Quiz Night in similar style. The plan would be to run it live on YouTube and invite Hambledon residents to form family teams and play along live. Or maybe we could also make it North Hambledon versus South Hambledon, with a Vann faction. After each round the family scores can be tabulated via the YouTube chat function. The winners would be crowned champions of the Parish. We could entitle it “Quiz of Thrones”. If you think this would be a good event and you could muster a team then do post a comment or send me an email and I’ll work on the logistics. Paul Osborne

New Ways of Help For Those Who Are Struggling

Two innovative schemes – one by the Merry Harriers and the other by The Village Spirit Collective – have opened up new ways to provide help across our local community.

The Merry Harriers, Hambledon’s village pub,  has launched a fund which will offer up to £2,000 a month for those struggling to pay food and general provisions bills, most likely through loss of pay or employment, during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The local Village Spirit Collective, makers of Vann Lane Gin, is running a raffle in support of the Community Foundation for Surrey, which has launched a county-wide Coronavirus Response Fund.

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Hambledon on the BBC

The BBC show this painting, but where is this in Hambledon?
Ian Hislop presents

William Westmore, a National Trust Volunteer at Oakhurst Cottage, sent us this link to BBC iPlayer. It is a 2014 TV programme that features Hambledon (from around 4 minutes in) and it may be of interest to Hambledonians. The painting above is a wonderful illustration of a quieter time in our village… (well maybe not as quiet as it is now)

Click the box to go to BBC iPlayer:

The To Do List – a resident view

The time has come, there is no getting away from it. All those jobs that you have been putting off, are too busy to do, forgot or plain just don’t want to do. At this time of ‘Self-Isolation’ you no longer have an excuse, so, hem that skirt that’s held up with staples, give the car a really deep clean, fix the curtain rail, de-moss the lawn, these are just some of those jobs that will take on a whole new level of satisfaction when they are done. I personally am quite looking forward to having time to teach my kids, I am not sure they agree, but maybe this is our window as parents to get to know our kids a little better, learn together, do ‘stuff’ together, answer and ask questions of them and ourselves. A chance to reconnect with them, the world around us and what it means to live in the wonderful place we do.

Gavin Clutterbuck

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