At the outset of lock-down, many village organisations were required to close. Others, and especially the community-run village shop and post office, had to find a new and safe way of working in order to provide customers, many of them elderly, at risk and self-isolating, with vital deliveries. One consequence of this was “The Paper Girls”. In this week’s Sunday Reflection, Jo Kirkland, one of that cheerful team, looks back over an eventful time.

On an early lock-down day back in March a text went out to our COVID-19 village group asking for volunteers to deliver the newspapers a couple of times a week. Four of us responded: Alpa, Portia, Lena and I. From that moment on we became “The Paper Girls”, a soon-to-be hit “girl” band with Jon Petersen as our hard-talking, star-making manager, delivering papers until fame beckoned!

It seemed like a way to do our bit for the village and a bit of fun, to have some banter in the group, and get out and about. Little did I know that it would come to define my week; to remind me what day it was as they all began to merge into one; to give me a chance to chat with at least four other people and also the households on my paper round; to track my progress on my bike up the hills of Hambledon and to feel I had a purpose other than home schooling and watching Netflix. 

I already knew Lena and Jon but I had never met Portia or Alpa. In our treasured chats (some a bit longer than others – sorry if your paper was late some days!) while we waited for our papers, we discussed kids, families, nutrition, injuries, death, business, politics, hangovers, emotions. Jon fixed our bikes, we occasionally practised yoga, we found common ground and we made friends.

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Sunday Reflection

Since the introduction of restrictive measures to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, Hambledon website has invited village organisations to reflect on life under extraordinary circumstances. This week we hear from Camilla Edmiston on behalf of the Book Club.

There is something truly magical about losing yourself in a really good book. Never more so than in the current strange times in which we find ourselves.

As part of the Merry Book Club I have loved the opportunity to sometimes be challenged to read different things – books I would never have chosen but have then really enjoyed. Or sometimes not.

However, it is still a revelation and creates interesting conversations when we meet and discuss who likes what and why.

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Sunday Reflection

Philip Underwood, a member of the Hambledon Ramblers, contributed the Sunday Reflection this week.

I must confess to an addiction, one that I have had for over 20 years. It is to see as much as I can of the Purple Emperor, a butterfly affectionately known as “His Majesty”. It was because of this addiction that I missed the first of the Rambler’s short walks since lockdown.

That day, whilst in the middle of the Chiddingfold Forest, sitting on my little seat, I started thinking. This was nature at its best. It was hot, very sunny and I was surrounded by Wood Whites, White Admirals and Silver Washed Fritillaries. All I wanted was a Purple Emperor to appear…and I am happy to say that it did, some 3 times.

But sitting on my seat I realised how much I was missing our monthly rambles.

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Hambledon Art Fair is now open!


The Village Hall Committee are very pleased to welcome you to our second professional art fair. Please click on the link to view a wide variety of beautiful artwork by our local artists. You will have the opportunity to purchase work directly from the artists.

We hope you enjoy the fair and we look forward to welcoming you back to the village hall as soon as we are able.


Hambledon Village Shop – Update Friday 3 July 2020

Progress sometimes seems slow, but progress is being made. From Saturday 4th July customers can consume food and drink at the shop’s picnic tables.

The tables have been given some tender loving care and placed suitably distanced from each other on as level ground as can be found. Tim Coleman did a fine job of manicuring the grass. Thanks to all who helped with the tables today, we all agreed it is a lovely spot to sit, next to the pond, looking out on the Cricket Green, some in the sun, some in the shade, we’ve probably all taken it for granted in the past.

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Merry Harriers Reopens on Saturday

Lock-down restrictions across the UK will be further relaxed this Saturday, July 4th, allowing for the reopening of pubs and restaurants as long as safety measures are in place and enforced.

In Hambledon, The Merry Harriers will reopen at midday, just over 100 days since it was required to close.

Behind the scenes, general manager Jake Andreou has been working hard to ensure the pub can comply with detailed government guidelines to protect staff, locals and staying guests from the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

A member of staff will meet and greet customers arriving at the main entrance. The new measures will be explained, any questions answered, and a contact taken for individuals or for one member if in a small group. Drinks can be ordered at the bar, which has a Perspex screen installed, and will be delivered to you at a table. Payment will be by card.

A one-way system will be in place and customers will enter and leave by different doors. Tables and benches – inside and in the garden areas – have been situated to ensure correct social distancing can be maintained. A marquee has been erected on the boules court and this may also have a bar for outside drinkers.

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