Fifty New Chairs for the Village Hall Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

Thanks to the huge generosity of the people of Hambledon, we have now had sponsorship for all fifty of the new chairs we need for the Village Hall which is such a fantastic result. When our secretary, Paul Vacher, suggested the idea, we thought it was a great plan and we have been overwhelmed by the support the scheme has had.

Due to another very kind donation we will be able to put a small name plaque on each chair. If you haven’t already been in touch, please contact Ruth Canham on 01428 685 729 or at to let us know what name/names you would like on yours.

We are also enormously grateful to the Hambledon Midsummer Festival organising team for their extremely kind donation of £2,000 which will pay for a new rainwater soak-away under the hall car park. We are very hopeful that this will improve the problem of damp in the hall.

Having this vital work paid for and our new chairs sponsored means that we now have funds available to have the interior of the hall redecorated and some necessary repairs carried out on the exterior woodwork.

Thank you Hambledon!

Hambledon Midsummer Festival 2018 Fund Raising

We are now in a position to announce the funds raised by the Hambledon Midsummer Festival held on 22-24 June 2018 and how they will be distributed.

As of today, a total of £11,500 has been raised (after expenses) and is available for distribution, a further £3,000 may be forthcoming. 

£700 of the £11,500 available will be retained to cover any unforeseen expenses associated with the weekend. The remaining £10,800 will be distributed as follows:


£500 to Citizens Advice Bureau
£500 to Hope for Children
£500 to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice
£500 to Surrey Search & Rescue
£500 to a victim of the Hambledon House Fire (already distributed)

Village Organisations

£2,000 to Hambledon Cricket Club
£2,000 to Hambledon Football Club
£2,000 to Hambledon Village Hall
£2,000 to Hambledon Village Shop
£300 to cover Cricket Green Insurance

The donation to Hambledon Village Hall will be used to fund a new soak-away to alleviate drainage problems, with any surplus going towards repainting the interior of the Hall. The donation to Hambledon Village Shop will help fund their project to replace kitchen equipment and domestic grade cabinetry with stainless steel, professional standard equipment, the total cost of this project is estimated to be around £5,500.

What Next For Orchard Farm?

The proposal to build affordable homes at Orchard Farm has been rejected on appeal and developers English Rural Housing Association must now decide whether to re-apply with a scaled-down application or sell the site on.

The ERHA had applied to demolish the existing farmhouse and outbuildings and build 12 affordable homes together with five larger market-price houses and provision of open space for village use.

After much local consultation, and with concerns expressed over the size of the proposed development and drainage issues, the application went before Waverley Borough Council in May last year where members voted to reject the scheme.

The nine-acre site between Petworth Road and Wormley Lane is within the Green Belt and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Waverley councillors said that no special circumstances existed in the application to outweigh the harm to the Green Belt and the AONB.

After considering the outcome for several months, ERHA decided to lodge an appeal to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate. This appeal has now been considered and dismissed, upholding the original decision by Waverley Borough Councillors.

Sheila Holden, the inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to consider the appeal, said in her ruling: “Notwithstanding the continued need to provide affordable homes, the supply of housing land is not a factor weighing in this scheme’s favour”, adding that the proposal would be an “inappropriate development within the Green Belt”.

She accepted that there would be “very significant benefits arising from the provision of 12 units of affordable housing and limited benefits associated with the proposed public open space.”

But she concluded: “However, these benefits do not clearly outweigh the harm by reason of inappropriateness and the other harms I have identified.  The very special circumstances needed to justify the scheme do not, therefore, exist.”

The ERHA, which is a registered provider of social housing in rural areas, has not commented on what it will do next. It bought the site on the open market and had hoped that the provision of market-price houses in the scheme would help pay for the affordable homes, which would have been available for rent or shared ownership at below market costs.

It may return with a smaller scale development of affordable homes only as the inspector’s ruling seems to indicate that market price properties are unacceptable and do not meet the criteria for exempting the site from Green Belt and AONB restrictions.

Or it could consider putting the land, together with the existing farmhouse, back on the open market.

Hambledon Parish Council remains committed to attempting to find suitable sites for affordable housing in the village in accordance with wishes expressed by residents and contained within the published Parish Plan.


Neighbourhood Watch – reporting feature

There are Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators (NWCs) throughout Hambledon who disseminate crime prevention information and alerts about crime to their respective “watch” members in their locality.  These Co-Ordinators work together to share information that may be of wider benefit to the Hambledon community.  To that end, we have created a new NHW reporting / alert button on this website.  You will see the logo in the right hand margin of this page. That takes you to an email form so residents can report directly to the NWCs about crime matters: suspicious activity, crime prevention information, road issues, or request assistance on crime matters.  Residents still have recourse to contact the Police directly via 101 and 999.

July 2018 alert –   Vigilance in protecting yourself and your property from the potential for crime has never been more important.  Whilst it is a relatively rare occurrence, Hambledon did see a domestic burglary last month, and this month there have been two reports of suspicious activity:

The first was two men in a blue Subaru Impreza off Hambledon Road who were confronted whilst as they appeared to be scouting out unattended driveways and fields. They had an unconvincing excuse for being on the private property – they were ‘looking for a mechanic around here”. This sounds like opportunist attempts to identify insecure fields for later forced occupation.
The second was Monday 2nd July with two men posing as delivery men.  A resident reported that they were scouting Lane End – one of them actually entered a property as the front door was open and then left quickly when they saw the owner. They are attempting to look like delivery men with similar coloured t shirts and branded matching caps.

So keep your eyes peeled for similar activity: unconvincing intruders, cars parked up in unusual places, lay-bys, remote drives etc.   Also beware of front and back doors left open in hot weather.


Hambledon Midsummer Festival in Photos

Thanks to everyone who got involved and made the Hambledon Midsummer Festival such a success. Sometime next week, when more of the dust has settled, we should be in a position to let you know the amount raised. In the meantime, enjoy just a small sample of photos from the weekend, most of which were taken by the very talented Jo Plaistowe.

Click or tap on any photo to get an enlarged view.

New chairs for the Village Hall – 15 still available for sponsorship

The Village Hall Committee had a very successful day at the fete on Saturday 23 June. Thank you to everyone who came to our stall and to those who generously sponsored a chair.

We have now reached the fantastic total of thirty five on our ‘chairometer’ shown here alongside Ruth Canham and Paul Vacher from the Village Hall Committee.  This leaves just fifteen to reach our goal of fifty new chairs.

If you would like to sponsor a chair for £50 then please contact Ruth Canham on 01428 685 729 or You can pay by cash, cheque (payable to Hambledon Village Hall) or bank transfer.

If we get to the happy situation of having more than fifty sponsors, we will use the money to start recovering our existing chairs to match the new ones; fifty pounds will pay to have two chairs recovered.

Thank you very much for your support.

Vacancy at Hambledon Almshouses

Notice of Vacancy at Hambledon Almshouses in Malthouse Lane,   Hambledon, Surrey  GU8 4HH

Applications are invited to fill the vacancy that has now arisen at Russett  Cottage (No.2 Almshouse). This is for a recently renovated and modernised semi-detached, one-bedroomed almshouse.  Applications are invited from single persons or couples who have lived in Hambledon at any time for at least 2 years.

Application Forms are available on request from Andy Falk (Chair of the Hambledon Almshouses Trustees), Shipton Hill, Woodlands Road, Hambledon GU8 4HL, tel 01428 683863, who would be happy to speak in confidence with anyone considering making an application, if they wish.

Completed Application Forms must be received by 31 July 2018.

A Glimpse Of Hambledon’s Past In Time For 2018 Fete Weekend

As Hambledon celebrates its 2018 Midsummer Festival with a weekend of events, here is a glimpse into the village’s past.

Hambledon Village Trust, landlord of the community-run shop, has received photographs almost certainly from the late 1960s and early 1970s showing the shop as it was then. The photographs were provided by the Ainsworth family who used to live in Pendle Cottage, which forms a part of the shop building. They were on a journey down memory lane when they called in last weekend.

The first, in black and white and probably dating back to the 1960s, shows a busy scene outside the shop with a farmer trundling by on his Nuffield tractor. Can anyone identify him?

The others, in colour, show the shop and pond, with a Rover saloon parked outside, possibly belonging to the family who lived in the cottage, which was then called Duck Cottage. It was renamed Pendle Cottage when Joan Hardy and her husband moved there in 1982.

It is hoped that old village photographs, and of fetes gone by, will be on display at the village website stand at the fete tomorrow, which opens at 12.30. Full details of fete events can be found on this website on the Latest News menu.

If anyone can shed any further light on the photographs please leave a message on this website.

Hambledon Village Fete – This Saturday from 12:30pm

We’re nearly there. Sausages have been bought for dogs to catch, burger buns have been tested, dry weather has been arranged.

The programme for the day is as follows:

  • 12.30 Opening of the Fete by Mrs Mary Parker
  • 1.00 Winners of Cake Decorating Competition Announced
  • 1.10 Children’s Races
  • 1.30 Dog Show
  • 2.45 Hawk and Owl Show
  • 3.45 Tug of War
  • 4.00 Winners of Photography Competition Announced
  • 4.15 Grand Draw results
  • 4.30 Fete closes

If you are running a stall, please be there in good time to prepare for a 12:30 opening.

If you have offered to help with setup for the weekend’s activities, please try to make the meeting at the Cricket Green at 10:30 on Thursday morning.

New workshop project – in a shed!

The Garden House Workshop

There is an opportunity to tinker in a rather nice shed.  Making things, repairing things, cups of tea in a friendly setting on a lovely estate.  ‘Men’s sheds’ is now an international concept, with support available in the UK from the UK Men’s Shed Association.  The Garden House Workshop is not gender specific and both women and men are very welcome.  Located at The Garden House in Hydestile, the workshop has started as a weekly Wednesday activity, with the option to participate between 10am and 4 pm, depending on people’s availability and inclination.  Nic Quick is the Coordinator of the project and is looking for participants and help to develop the project.

As part of The Garden House estate in Hydestile, the workshop is located on the site of a new garden, currently under development, so there is the opportunity to be involved with projects there as well.  Places are limited and contact needs to be made prior to any attendance.

If you would like to find out more, please contact The Garden House:

Contact Andy Holdaway, Estate Manager:  07557 554261 

For a broader look at the concept of ‘sheds’:

Hambledon Fete needs your Bottles and Plants

Do you have plants or bottles that you can donate to the Village Fete (to be held from 12:30 on Saturday 23rd June)?

The bottle stall is always a good money maker, so please hunt out those bottles of weird stuff that you got as unwanted gifts and are sat gathering dust in the back of a cupboard and send them Andy Hinde‘s way, good stuff also welcome. Drop them at the shop or bring them along on the day.

We’re also looking for contributions for the plant stall. If you have anything suitable, please contact Mary Caroe or Chris Baker.


Tell Waverley what you think about Local Plan Part 2


Residents, businesses and developers are being invited by Waverley Borough Council to comment on the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

WBC adopted part one of the new Local Plan in February 2018. This sets the overall strategy for development in the borough for the period up to 2032 and contains key strategic policies, including the number of new homes to be provided in Waverley and their broad distribution.

The second part of the new Local Plan will have the policies that direct planning application decisions. Local Plan Part 2 will also allocate sites for housing in parts of the borough where the Neighbourhood Plan is not doing so, in order to meet the target set out in Local Plan Part 1, and will review other land designations. The Plan also allocates sites for Gypsies and Travellers.

The consultation, starting on 25 May, asks residents, developers and other interested parties what they think about the council’s preferred options for the topics within Local Plan Part 2. These include housing, settlement boundaries for our villages and towns, local landscape designations, gypsy and traveller accommodation and a new suite of policies against which planning applications will be determined.

There are a number of ways to take part in the consultation:

  • Attend one of the consultation events:
    • Cranleigh Arts Centre, 1A High Street, Cranleigh, Thursday 31 May, 2.30-7.30pm
    • Elstead Youth Centre, Elstead Village Hall, Thursley Road, Elstead, Monday 4 June, 2.30-7.30pm
    • Farnham United Reform Church, South Street, Farnham, Wednesday 6 June, 2.30-7.30pm
    • Wilfrid Noyce Community Centre, Crown Court Car Park, Godalming, Tuesday 12 June, 2.30-7.30pm
    • The Chichester Hall, Petworth Road, Witley, Wednesday 13 June, 2.30-7.30pm
    • Haslewey Community Centre, Lion Green, Haslemere, Tuesday 19 June, 2.30-7.30pm
  • Use the council’s online consultation system (the council’s preferred option) at:
  • Email your comments to
  • Submit your comments by post to: LPP2, Planning Policy, Planning Services, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR

For anyone who does not have internet access, the consultation document is available from the planning reception of the Waverley Borough Council offices, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR, and at locality offices and public libraries within the Borough.

The draft Local Plan Part 2 and relevant supporting documents can be viewed on the web site at and at the Waverley Borough Council offices, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR, and at locality offices and public libraries within the Borough.

The deadline for responses is 11.59pm on Monday 9 July 2018.

New Head Teacher For Hambledon Nursery School

Hambledon Nursery School will welcome Kate Walford as its new head teacher when she takes up the appointment after the summer break.

Not that Kate will be any stranger to staff, parents and returning children. She has worked at the school as an Early Years practitioner since January 2016 and is currently the afternoon supervisor in the Red Room classroom for three and four year olds.

Kate’s appointment follows the resignation of Nicola Collett, head teacher for the past ten years, who is leaving at the end of the summer term next month.

Kate, pictured below, was the unanimous choice of the nursery school Trustees who interviewed, with external professional support, three impressive candidates.

Kate, who is married with a young family and lives in Chiddingfold, has a degree in biology with qualified teacher status. She has worked in education throughout her professional life and brings 20-years’ experience to her new role. She taught in the West Country for a while before joining Kingfield Primary School in Woking in 2005, remaining there until her move to Hambledon Nursery School.

Nicola has welcomed the choice of her successor and the Trustees believe Kate will continue to build on the caring ethos and high standards set by her predecessor.

The Trustees said that Nicola herself has made a quite exceptional contribution to the nursery school and this will be acknowledged in a full appreciation that will appear on this website following her departure at the end of July.

Hambledon Nursery school, at Rock Hill, was formerly the village state primary school, closed by Surrey County Council in the early 1980s due to falling rolls. Villagers were determined that the Victorian schoolhouse and playground in its beautiful rural setting should remain a place of learning and, after campaigning and fund-raising, acquired the premises from the Church of England.

It reopened as a nursery school in 1984, run as a business with charitable status and locally-appointed Trustees. It has an “outstanding” Ofsted rating.

Further details about the school can be found on this website under “Organisations” in the top menu and at


Village Fete Raffle Tickets Now On Sale

Grand Draw Tickets for this years village fete are now available to purchase.



  • Night’s stay at Peter De Savary’s Felpham Hotel
  • Tour of Blackwood Ridge Vineyard
  • 2 Tickets to Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • 2 Tickets to Goodwood Revival
  • 2 tickets to NFL UK Match
  • Lunch for two at the Village shop plus more prizes tbc

Tickets are £1 or £5 a book and are on sale at Hambledon Village Shop and the Merry Harriers.


If you are able to become a seller and need more please contact Matt Kiley on 07557479349 or