Burglary Prevention Kits – for free

Recent burglaries in Hambledon and Witley have brought attention to the need to protect your property and deter would be burglars.  Surrey Police are promoting a scheme to give property marking kits to residents.  Selecta DNA is a marking kit that comes with deterrent stickers. These kits, where properly introduced to an area, has reduced burglary and theft by almost 30% within the area.  The deterrent factor of using, and publicising these kits is not to be underestimated.

Surrey Police have a significant quantity of Selects DNA kits (normally costing £60 each) to donate to appropriate recipients within Waverley  – an outstanding offer.   The target recipients are recent victims of crime in particular burglary and theft, plus other vulnerable residents within the Waverley Borough which could benefit from extra security in their home.

The only commitment the recipient of the offer will have to agree to before a Selecta DNA kit is supplied, is that they promise to mark their valuable possessions in line with instructions, and most importantly, register their Selecta DNA Kit numbers onto Selecta DNA website and apply the stickers supplied onto their marked items and the outside windows of their home.  These Stickers are a real disincentive to any potential thief and are a real part of the success of this product.

If you would like to receive a kit or would like to help using such a kit, please do get in contact with the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in Hydestile by clicking the NW logo to email.

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