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Helena Hockridge
Helena Hockridge

Surely, there need to be more local amenities for re-cycling rather than less if we want to encourage recycling. Cranleigh and Farnham residents are unlikely to want to drive such a distance and I believe there could be an increase in fly-tipping if there are fewer faciities available within a reasonable distance.

Philip Underwood

So far as we are concerned any closure or restriction of Witley would be stupid.I usually visit it twice a week and generally it is very busy.If ever it was affected I would have to revert to bonfires.Perhaps we would need a communal one.

Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas

This would be such a stupid thing to do. Fly tipping would definitely take over. It is such a great facility and we need to recycle more not less. What are they thinking??

Stewart Payne

SCC has proposed closures and restricted hours within the last 18 months and the measures were widely opposed during a previous consultation. So what does it do? Wait a while and come back again with similar proposals.
All existing recycling centres must remain open to enable people to responsibly and conveniently dispose of their waste. Helena is absolutely correct when she states that SCC should be promoting more recycling opportunities, not closing down existing facilities.


Cannot believe the thinking behind this? Fly tipping will surely be a more attractive option to discarding unwanted items/rubbish if a long road trip is involved. Cranleigh to Witley is more than a 15 minute drive for most coming from that direction. Also more traffic for this purpose will clog our narrow roads and lanes, with a longer term view to the hundreds more houses that are being built in Cranleigh as we speak! Won’t they need a means of disposing rubbish locallY?? Of course. Wrong in every sense to close this much needed facility.