2700 vehicles a day using Salt Lane – sign the Petition

New traffic data has shown that 2700 vehicles a day use the East-West route of Salt Lane and Markwick Lane.  At peak time that is 337 vehicles an hour.  Commercial vehicles make up an average of 28% of those vehicles. At peak times 45% of all vehicles are vans, lorries or HGVs. That is 28% higher than a year ago.  This 7 mile rural route is unsuitable for such a volume of traffic and is increasingly dangerous for road users.  The environmental impact is not to be underestimated either.

Sign the petition!

A petition has been created to get Surrey County Council to take this issue seriously and consider measures to combat the environmental and safety factors.  If more than 30 signatories can be noted within the next week (by 8th March) then the Councillors will consider this issue at the next Surrey County Council’s Local Committee meeting on 22nd March.

Please do sign up here:


You can also find out more information, photographs and the traffic data for Salt Lane /Markwick Lane here.

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