The Hambledon Dawn Chorus

On Sunday 5 May at 5 am, eight of us met at Hambledon Village Shop, by which time the dawn chorus was well underway. We crossed the Green and went into the Hurst, then back across the Green and up onto the Common.

In all we heard 18 different species of birds:  robin, blackbird, song thrush, wood pigeon, blue tit, great tit, collared dove, jackdaw, blackcap, pheasant, Canada goose, chaffinch, wren, chiff chaff,  tawny owl, mallard, carrion crow, rook.

We didn’t hear a cuckoo during the two hours we were listening at this particular time, but like some other birds it has already been heard in the village.  This is just a record of what we heard at this time.

Judith Steele

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