Paul Pattinson’s Parish Council departure brings past and present together

Hambledon parish councillors past and present have gathered to mark Paul Pattinson’s 12 years of service to the village.

Paul decided not to stand again at the year’s local government elections. He has been an invaluable member of the parish council and its planning committee and his contribution was praised by chairman John Anderson who, with wife Tucker, hosted a thank-you party at their home.

This was attended by all of the current members and several others who worked alongside Paul during his earlier years on the council, which he joined in January 2007. John thanked Paul for his measured and thoughtful input on a range of village issues and the knowledge he brought to legal and planning matters.

A week later there was an informal meal at the Merry Harriers, with all the current councillors and their partners present. Stewart Payne, vice chairman, said that Paul was a much-liked and respected friend and colleague and would be missed.

Paul responded by saying that he and his wife Vicky appreciated both gatherings. “You are such a harmonious team, and that was reflected in all the chat, and noise level, at our dinner. Hambledon is lucky to have such a good group of people on its Parish Council.”

Please read on to see photographs of both occasions.

Our first photograph is one for the village scrap book, as the gathering at John Anderson’s house brought together ten past and present councillors and two clerks, as well as partners, many of whom are, or have been, active in other areas of village life.

It includes Ron Vickery, who joined the council in 1976 and remained with it until 2011; Elizabeth Waring who, as Elizabeth Mcclay, joined in 1983 and became chairman in 1987, standing down in 1995; Muriel Campbell, who was a councillor between 1987 and 1995; Ion Campbell, who was chairman between 1995 and 2004; Derek Miller, councillor between 1995 and 2011 and Jane Woolley, clerk between 1998 and 2017.

Of the current councillors in the photograph, John Anderson joined in 1983 and has been chairman since 2004; Philip Underwood, a councillor since 1987 and vice chairman between 2004 and 2019; Mike Parry, councillor since 2011, and Sean Sinnott who joined in 2017. They are joined by Julie Flenley who became clerk this year.

For the record, and missing from the line-up, are Stewart Payne, who took the photograph, who joined in 2001 and became vice chairman this year; Mary Grove who as Mary Neal was clerk from 1977 until 1980 and a councillor since 2015, and Robin McKeith, who joined this year.

Caption, from left to right: Richard Flenley, Paul Pattinson, Kat Klimova and Sean Sinnott, Elizabeth Waring, Vicky Pattinson, Julie Flenley, Ion Campbell, Mary Burrows, Philip Underwood, Mike Parry, Muriel Campbell, Ron Vickery, Derek Miller, Ann Vickery, Jane Woolley, John and Tucker Anderson and Cynthia Miller.

Just the current councillors, most of them with their partners, and Jane Woolley, celebrated with the Pattinsons for a meal in the back room at the Merry Harriers.


The photographs show the group meal which, in addition to those at John Anderson’s party, included Robin McKeith and Anne-Charlotte (AC) Buffet, (seated in the centre), Pauline Parry (standing centre), Stewart Payne (standing in doorway), and seated on the fourth from right Martyn Grove, Pauline Underwood (third from right) and Mary Grove. (first right).

Our final photograph shows Stewart Payne, standing beside his wife Mary Burrows, making a short speech. Paul Pattinson, Jane Woolley and John Anderson appear pensive but whatever is being said seems to be amusing bar manager Zach McArthur, seen in the doorway.









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