Relief Road Across The Surrey Hills – Proposal Is Scrapped

Following efforts by the parish council and several Hambledon residents an assurance has been given that the proposal for a new relief road to be built across the Surrey Hills Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty will not be pursued.

An organisation called the Guildford Society had put forward the idea as a means of relieving traffic on the A281 when Dunsfold Aerodrome is developed into a large housing estate. It proposed a new road should be built linking the development with an enlarged Milford station and the A3, routed through the Surrey Hills at Burgate Farm, Feathercombe and Hydestile. See earlier news story here:

The idea was presented to a meeting of the Surrey County Council Waverley Local Committee and Colin Kemp, deputy leader of SCC, said he would ask his officers to consider whether to conduct a feasibility study into the proposal.

Hambledon Parish Council expressed its opposition to the idea and has been in touch with Mr Kemp. He has now given the following statement.

I have read a lot of paperwork and had many conversations on this matter to get a true understanding of the issue.

On the main point of the question which was a relief road, I believe the environmental and local impact would be too great and don’t believe this could be delivered and should not be pursued any further.

Having said that, it has become clear to me that with all the planned developments around this area we need to look at the road network and identify pinch points through the route and see if there are any local improvement schemes that would ease congestion and then see if we can identify funding for these.

I am sorry if this caused concern but I don’t believe is saying no just because somebody else did. If I am asked a question, I will always consider evidence before giving a formal response.


Colin Kemp

Deputy Leader

Surrey County


The matter was also taken up by concerned residents at Feathercombe, leading to local MP Jeremy Hunt contacting Surrey County Council on their behalf. He has received the following reply from Gill Steward, who is executive director for community protection, transport and environment.

She wrote:

Dear Mr Hunt,

Thank you for your correspondence forwarding on the concerns of Ms Jo Bell regarding proposals for a new road link between Dunsfold and the A3 at Milford.

Colin Kemp, Deputy Leader for Surrey County Council, was asked the question through Committee whether the County were prepared to undertake a feasibility study into the Guildford Society’s proposals for a new road link between Dunsfold and the A3 at Milford. He responded by saying that he understood the matter had been considered, but wanted the opportunity to speak with officers about the proposal and consider the work previously undertaken, to establish if it was a viable option. This was to ensure that he had been thorough in his consideration before providing a view on the matter.

As a result, following the review of the option with officers Colin has come to the conclusion that the road scheme is not viable and that it would have a significant environmental impact on the communities along its route. There is therefore no intention to undertake any further studies or investigation of this proposal.

I hope this addresses the concerns raised and clarifies the position regarding the feasibility study.

Kind regards,


Hopefully that will be the end of the matter.

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UKOG planning requests- I hope that the Parish council is keeping close to this one and fighting this application , with Burgate House and Burgate Lodge both on the market (do they know something ? ) , and news of the owner of the Burgate farm passing.
I heard today that an agreement had been made by the land owners for UKOG to drill should planning be approved on the farm land . Neighbours also mentioned plans to change the access gate from Hookhouse lane into Burgate farming had been mentioned.
Worrying . Any other info would be appreciated.

Nobby Clark
Nobby Clark

I believe it was a company called IGas that had applied to ‘drill’ in the Burgate Farm area, not UKOG. In fact UKOG hope to drill just north east of Dunsfold village and that site is in a different drill licensing area, the border being about at Loxhill