Joan Hardy

Those of us who’ve lived longer than others in Hambledon will still have fond memories of Joan Hardy.  It’s now over three years since she moved to a nursing home in Ross-on-Wye, to be closer to her nephew, Phil Bancroft.  It’s one of those nursing homes that looks after people superbly and treats them like real people. 

Despite a good deal of physical and mental deterioration (not surprising, at the age of 97), Joan remains well and happy.  She enjoys her food;  recovers from whatever minor illnesess nature chooses to throw at her;  and participates in all the activities which the home offers, including opportunities  to interact with visiting children and animals – which she really enjoys.  She appreciates family visits and has just revelled in becoming a great-great-great-aunt on 2 December (do we see the Guinness Book of Records looming?).  And in spirit, she remains very strongly rooted in Hambledon.

So, from all her friends in Hambledon, “Happy Christmas and happy new year, Joan”.

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