Hambledon Parish Council is coordinating the many measures being taken around the village to make sure help is at hand in the event of anyone suffering from Coronavirus (COVID-19), self-isolating or in need of assistance and information. As part of this process, it is liaising with the Church, the Village Shop, the Nursery School, the Merry Harriers and other village organisations. 

Any updates will appear here, so please check back at least every day.




Tuesday March 24th

  • The most important update today concerns the village shop, and is highlighted in red above. Please email your orders online if you can, so that the shop phone remains available for administration and contacting suppliers, and for the those who do not have email. Volunteers are on hand to deliver your order to your doorstep if you are self-isolating. Alternatively, you can visit the shop where you will be met at a safe distance outside. You can hand over a written order or verbally request what you wish to purchase. Staff or volunteers will then go inside and collect the items. Card payment is preferred to cash. The shop orders email address is
  • Following the latest Government announcement last night, it is becoming clearer which retail outlets can remain open. The web team has made a swift visit to Godalming and Milford. Supermarkets, Ami Lou’s greengrocers, Godalming Fish wet fish counter, Cornmeter hardware shop, food shops and newsagents and petrol stations are all open, as allowed by the Government. All clothing shops, gift shops, salons, bookmakers etc are closed.  Squires Garden Centre in Milford is closed but Secretts Farm Shop was open as was the attached butchers. Milford Meat and Fish Market is trading, card payments only, opening at 9am each day and closing at 1pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and 3pm on all other days. Milford Wine Centre off-licence is open, as is the Co-op and other local food provisions outlets in Milford, Witley and Chiddingfold.  * You may wish to know that many Chiddingfold folk are urging a boycott of Forrest Stores on The Green, alleging that prices for essential items have been raised.
  • Peter de Savary, the owner of the Merry Harriers, has been in touch with the web team to explain why he has reluctantly decided to end the take-away meals service from the pub. He said his company has taken advice from hotel industry associations and lawyers. “There is always a risk of contamination on food take-away containers, for example, no matter what precautions we take”, he said. ” The advice we have is that we should not be encouraging people to make unnecessary journeys or put them at risk of associating with others at a collection point”.
  • However, Mr de Savary said he wanted the pub to remain at the heart of the village, even though bar, food and accommodation services are currently suspended. “If there is anyone in the community in need of help through isolation, illness or disability, and needs to get something delivered or collected, I will make sure a member my staff can help. Obviously if someone suspects they may have Coronavirus they need to seek medical help. But in all other instances, my staff are local and available to respond”, he said. In the first instance please contact Stewart Payne, Hambledon Parish Council, on 07831 393561 and he can pass messages on.

Monday March 23rd

  • The Village Shop is open as usual. Volunteers will meet customers at a distance outside, spray their hands with sanitiser, and then allow them into the shop. You will be asked to wait if there are customers already inside. Please keep a distance from till and counters and pay by card if you can.
  • Jeremy Hunt, our local MP, has been in touch with the village website team today to express his thanks for all the “brilliant” work that is being undertaken in Hambledon by the parish council, the shop staff and volunteers, the web site team, church, pub and everyone from all areas of village life who are rallying round to help. He has been following the updates on this website and he said he thought it “terrific”.
  • Jeremy Hunt, as MP for South West Surrey, will be providing constituents with his own daily update and should you wish to receive this, and are not already on the constituency database, you should subscribe by emailing He will also update on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sunday March 22nd

  • It is Mothering Sunday, but not as we know it. The sensible advice is to not visit your mother today, but make contact by phone or social media. And there is some good news. It is a lovely sunny day, the daffodils and primroses are in bloom and the weather is set fair for a few days. We hope Hambledon mums, despite the circumstances, can enjoy their day.
  • Mothering Sunday is also a part of the church calendar. Please remember that there are no services taking place at St Peter’s for the time being but Sunday 10am services will take place on line. Please follow this link – and see the news item on this website for more details.
  • A Hambledon resident has been confirmed as having contracted COVID-19/Coronavirus and is recovering in hospital. This person is a volunteer in our community shop and staff and volunteers have been made aware of the situation. In accordance with Government guidelines, the shop is able to remain open. Please see the following news story for further information –
  • By the end of today, all of the information postcards with contact information should have been hand-delivered by volunteers to every household within the Hambledon Parish Boundary. If you have not received yours please contact with one of the following parish councillors: Robin McKeith on 07886 463498 or Stewart Payne on 07831 393561

Saturday March 21st 

  • The Merry Harriers has called last orders for the last time for the foreseeable future. The pub shut at 8pm last night following the instruction from the Government that all pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms and leisure centres must close, as a new measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The pub is still offering a take-away meals service (see earlier news items), with free delivery to those self-isolating and a collection from the pub for those who are not.
  • Doorstep milk and provisions deliveries provided by Milk and More are continuing without interruption. However, due to “unprecedented demand” no new customers can register for the time being.
  • The Village Shop and Post Office remains open, with social distancing in operation. A food delivery and collection is operating. (see below and earlier news item)
  • It is hoped that the last of the hand-delivered Parish Council “postcards” containing contact numbers for those in need of help or advice will be delivered by the end of the weekend. Many households have already received theirs.

Friday March 20th

  • From today Hambledon Village Shop will be making home deliveries to those who are self-isolating and also offering a collection service for those able to visit the shop but do not wish to enter. Orders can be emailed to or by phone on 01428 682176. Full details can be found by following this link.
  • The Hambledon Community Fund has issued the following statement. Hambledon Community Fund (HCF) is an endowment fund which villagers have generously donated to over the last decade and it generates funds which are used to support our community making the village a better place to live in. HCF is one of a number of funds managed by the Community Foundation for Surrey and to date over £30,000 has been generated and given to village organisations including the shop, village hall, church, football club, cricket club, heritage society and festival association. The Covid 19 pandemic will have a big impact on many villagers and HCF is ready to help village organisations get through the coming months and also finacially support the wonderful initiatives started to help those in need. HCF will now consider requests for core costs support for village organisations as well as supporting their specific projects. Grants are not huge but they can make a big difference in tricky times supporting the existing village organisations and wonderful new initiatives helping through the Covid 19 outbreak.  If you would like to discuss a possible grant or send a donation to HCF please do get in touch
  • For the time being monthly Parish Council meetings will no longer take place in open session but conducted by conference call. Agendas and minutes appear on this website on the Parish Council page. Anyone who wishes to raise an issue with the council should contact the clerk or any one of the councillors. Their numbers are available below and on the Parish Council page. The annual Parish Assembly and Village Litter Pick have been postponed
  • Thursday March 19th
  • Every household within the parish of Hambledon will receive a hand-delivered printed postcard, for the specific attention of those who are either self-isolating and may do so in the future, asking if any help is needed and listing Parish Council contact numbers. These will be delivered by volunteers, hopefully by the end of this coming weekend. For more details please see separate news story on this website
  • The Merry Harriers is offering to deliver pub-cooked meals to those within the village who are self-isolating. This service is free of charge. Orders can be placed and paid for by phoning the pub on 01428 682883. This service is also available for those who are not self-isolating, but they will need to collect from the pub doorway. To see the takeaway menu and for more details, please see separate news story on this website
  • As already reported, Hambledon Nursery School will close on Friday, in line with Government instructions. Schools are asked to continue provision for the children of “key workers” and clarification on this is expected today. In the meantime, the head teacher, her staff and the Trustees are reviewing what implications, if any, this has for the nursery school.
  • St Dominic’s School will remain open to cater for children with special educational needs.

Wednesday March 18th

  • Hambledon Summer Festival postponed with a provisional new date of the weekend of September 4th, 5th and 6th. (see news item)
  • Hambledon Nursery School to close on Friday (March 20th)
  • Village Hall closed. (see news item)
  • Bridge Class nights at Merry Harriers cancelled
  • Hambledon Heritage Society AGM postponed.

Certain forthcoming village activities have been cancelled or postponed.

Here is a round-up

Parish Council

The annual Parish Assembly on Thursday April 23rd and the Litter Pick-up on Saturday April 25th have been postponed. Monthly council meeting arrangements are under consideration.

The Village Hall

The village hall committee has decided to close the hall to all events nights until further notice. Film nights and the charity quiz are cancelled.

St Peter’s Church

Church services are currently suspended.

Hambledon Nursery School

The school will close on Friday (March 20th). It has been following all Government guidelines and the situation is being kept under constant review by the head teacher and her staff and the school’s Board of Trustees.




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Jeannie Postill
Jeannie Postill
10 months ago

Thank you for a comprehensive and swift response to present challenges

Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson
9 months ago

Thanks for the info