Hambledon Village Shop – Update Wednesday 25th March

To summarise, the current operation of the shop is as follows:

  • The shop is operating a delivery service only, customers should not visit the shop
  • The Post Office is closed until further notice

The procedure for ordering a delivery is as follows:

  • If you have access to email, you should send your order to shoporders@hambledonsurrey.co.uk, if you do not have email access you should call the shop on 01428 682176.
  • Orders for same day delivery should be made by mid-day. Orders received after mid-day will be fulfilled the following day.
  • Please do not place orders for delivery more than 24 hours after the time of your order. We don’t have a system in place yet to deal with this. Orders placed before mid-day will be delivered that day, orders received after mid-day will be delivered the next day.
  • Include a contact phone number and address with post code with your order.
  • An itemised receipt will be included with your delivery.
  • No payment should be made on delivery. The shop will call you for payment over the telephone using a debit/credit card. We will endeavour to make these calls for payment on the same day as the order is delivered.
  • For now, we will try to deliver newspapers to those with a pre-existing standing order with the shop. This may not remain feasible longer term.

Many thanks to those involved in the shop delivery service today. Just over 30 deliveries were completed.

Some have raised concerns about whether they should use the shop delivery service if they don’t need to, in order to ensure those who really need it are adequately served. At the moment our response is that we encourage as many people as possible to use the service. The Shop continues to be well supplied, being able to place larger orders helps the shop to meet minimum order requirements and therefore ensure those supplies continue. We will make sure that those who are most reliant on the delivery service are prioritised.


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