Sunday Reflection

Arthur Blackman, President of Hambledon Cricket Club, contributed the Sunday Reflection this week.

It is eerily quiet on the cricket green on Saturdays and Sundays. What has happened? There is no sound of the leather hitting the willow, no raucous enjoyable noise of children scampering around the outfield or adults shouting “How’s-That!”.

We should now be well into the noble art of playing cricket on the green with a hive of activities. Senior cricketers playing games and Juniors of ages 7 to 13 having coaching and training lessons. But no, nothing in April or May, and maybe no team activities until late summer. The last time cricket did not start on the cricket green was when it was suspended in 1941 to 1945 due to the 2nd World War. Before that it was probably the 1st World War.

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