Home Guard at Hambledon

This as an oral history recording by the Imperial War Museum. The subject is Kenneth Chesson who moved to Hambledon in the 1930’s. He joined the Home Guard at the age of 17 and this recording describes his experiences in our village and particularly during World War II. He recounts Hambledon Home Guard; hobbies and social activities; training with Home Guard; reaction to attending crashed German aircraft; his brother’s military experiences; contact with Canadian troops; the Australian Army Hospital at Hydestile; enlistment and basic training with Royal Berkshire Regt, 1942; volunteering at Guildford

He went on to serve as a Private serving with 2nd Bn Royal Berkshire Regt. in India and Burma, 1944-1945

Press to play part 1
Part 2

Link to the additional recordings at the Imperial War Museum.

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