Hambledon Village Shop – Update Friday 3 July 2020

Progress sometimes seems slow, but progress is being made. From Saturday 4th July customers can consume food and drink at the shop’s picnic tables.

The tables have been given some tender loving care and placed suitably distanced from each other on as level ground as can be found. Tim Coleman did a fine job of manicuring the grass. Thanks to all who helped with the tables today, we all agreed it is a lovely spot to sit, next to the pond, looking out on the Cricket Green, some in the sun, some in the shade, we’ve probably all taken it for granted in the past.

To remind you of where we are with the shop right now:

  • the Shop is now open 7 days a week 8:30am to 12:30pm for grocery orders and take-away food and drink
  • customers are currently not allowed to enter the shop but can place orders from outside the front of the shop
  • the Shop is still operating a delivery service on Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s, for more information on deliveries see the shop’s website at https://hambledonvillageshop.co.uk/
  • the Post Office at the Shop is open between 9:30am and 12:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Newspapers are no longer being delivered and should be collected from the Shop.

Thanks very much to our newspaper deliverers, The Paper Girls, who for the last three months have turned up dutifully, despite the occasional hangover, to put inane drivel through letter boxes. They will not lose touch with each other as they have now decided to form a band. Many Hambledon Festivals await.

And finally, many thanks to John Whittall for the lovely picture of the Shop shown at the top of this post. It’s now on display above Edna and Sylvia’s usual table in the shop. At the moment only those of us in the shop get to enjoy it. Hopefully soon we’ll progress beyond that.

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10 months ago

All of your MASSIVE hard work & Chipper, Funny, down right professionalism through all of this by all those who have helped has been amazing. Thank you seems inadequate a word to use for such an act of such ‘Logistical Magnitude’.
It has shown us here at Sunfield that this ‘Sleepy Village’ has the beating heart of a Lion.
We are not through this yet but you have been the sunbeam that produces the rainbow!!!
Thank you to you all.
The Clutterbuck’s.

10 months ago
Reply to  Gavin

Splendid message. I second that