The benefits of cycling have been highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Government urging more people to use bikes to replace car, bus and train journeys. There are health and environmental advantages as well.

But for some in our village, getting together for a enjoyable evening ride is a long-established practice. This week’s Sunday Reflection is provided by George and Caroline Pitt, of the Hambledon Peddlers.

Our twenty eighth season started on 16 April 2020, just as Lockdown was being tightened. As pubs were closed three couples brought their own refreshment in saddle bags and we enjoyed a circular ride past the station, Coombe Lane, to Chiddingfold and the shut Crown and up Vann Lane .

We enjoyed seeing the Snakeshead fritillaries outside Vann and went on to see lambs and yellow primroses along the edges of Upper Vann Lane where we rested on the side of the lane with the evening sun shining from the west.

After a glass or two and plenty of chat there was a choice of return route. The more intrepid braved steep Upper Vann Lane and across the bridleway to Hambledon Church and back down to Hambledon Village Hall. The less athletic descended Upper Vann Lane gladly and cycled back to the Cricket Green and the Village Hall.

With Lockdown tightening further, no more group evenings were held until July 23′d when three of us cycled to Chiddingfold and finding the Crown closed we had a drink in the back garden of The Swan.

In the three months from mid April to mid July in order to keep active Caroline and I went out on our own on a number of Thursday evenings and used previous Hambledon Pedller routes to enjoy the marvellous spring weather. These included Godalming, Hurtmore and Eashing, Hambledon Common and Witley, and Dunsfold and Chiddingfold. Bluebells were enjoyed at Winkworth Arboretum and in Hambledon Hurst, and wild garlic on bridleways to Dunsfold and Mill Lane, Chiddlingfold.

On most of these rides we asked friends near to the route if we could see them outside on a socially distanced basis for a drink.

We are hoping that we can renew Peddler rides and keep riding out on Thursday evenings over the summer. We meet at the Village Hall at 6pm. Do come and join us and give us a try.

Any questions please call us on 01428 682940. Or you may want to be included on the HP group email at

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