Speeding Scarecrow Competition


Here is something you can do to help the village and keep those young (and older) minds creative and busy for a while! 

As many of you may know, a group of volunteers have set up a speed watch in Hambledon. The intention is to make drivers more aware of their speed and generally slow the traffic through the narrow lanes of the village. But it only works when we are out there in our high vis jackets… 

..And that’s where you, your children and grandchildren come  in.  We are launching a Speedwatch Scarecrow Competition. The idea is to make a scarecrow, dressed and decorated in whatever way you like, with a sign attached to it imploring drivers, in a friendly way, to slow down. Then attach this to a pole, fence panel, hedge, wooden stake, gate post, deck chair etc on your land but visible from the road. If you don’t live near the main roads through Hambledon then get in touch and we can arrange somewhere visible. 

This initiative will be a more constant reminder to drivers to check their speed, as well as alerting them to the presence of children on the lanes in the village. We intend to get The Surrey Advertiser down to cover the story so that the speeding problem gets more coverage and have asked a local police officer to judge the competition!

The deadline for displaying your Scarecrow is October 1st. The scarecrows will be judged and the winning design will be awarded with a special prize …to be announced! 

Below are a couple of links to help you make a basic scarecrow and then – get creative. Maybe you want to make the classic Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz or Worzel Gummidge, a well known cartoon character, a (flattering) likeness of someone in the village, or perhaps someone with a high vis jacket, speed gun, or zimmer frame is more your style, or a character with a well known slogan, or perhaps local racing driver Damon Hill ..the choice is yours – the more eye-catching the better!

Please get in touch on jokirkland@yahoo.com  if you have any questions and to let me know where your Scarecrow will be so we don’t miss any. If I can’t answer then I’ll enlist the help of Mary Grove head of all things speed watch and a Parish Councillor. 




We look forward to seeing your creations!

The Hambledon Speed Watch Team 

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