Hambledon Parish Council Seeks to Co-Opt New Member

Applications are invited to fill a vacancy that has occurred on Hambledon Parish Council.

Mike Parry, a parish councillor since 2011, announced his retirement last month and the resulting vacancy was formally notified to the Electoral Services Department at Waverley Borough Council. It then published a notice of the vacancy and of a 14 working day period during which 10 or more parish electors could request that it be filled by holding an election.

No request was received when the deadline expired at the end of last week. As a consequence, the parish council can now co-opt a suitable candidate to fill what is called a “casual vacancy”.

Applications open tomorrow (November 2nd) and will remain open for 10 working days until 6pm on Friday November 13th. Anyone who qualifies to apply for the post should, in the first instance, contact Hambledon Parish Council clerk Julie Flenley by email to clerkofhpc@outlook.com

Applicants will then be asked to submit, in no more than 300 words, a submission detailing why they think they would be suitable for the role. The Parish Council will then consider the submissions and announce its decision at the next available meeting.

If you are interest in becoming a parish councillor and want to see the qualification criteria, please follow this link to find out more.


Hambledon Parish Council had an adopted procedure for considering co-option, and details of this can be found on this website. Please look at the Parish Council pages under the “organisations” menu, or follow this link


If you would like to contact a parish councillor to discuss the role, please contact chairman John Anderson on 01428 682666 or vice chairman Stewart Payne on 07831 393561.

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