HAPPY CHRISTMAS HAMBLEDON, from the village website team.

Throughout this extraordinary year, the website has kept our community informed and alerted. It has done so with the help of many village organisations and individuals.

In particular, the website was the platform for the Sunday Reflections, a series of observations on our changed lives as our little village went into the prolonged Spring and Summer Coronavirus lock-down. We thank all our contributors

At the end of August, we concluded the Reflections on a cautious note. We acknowledged how residents and village organisations had pulled together to see us all through a challenging time and that restrictions were easing. But we added: “We all know that the virus is still at large”.

Since then, we have had encouraging news of vaccinations. However, we have also witnessed a second wave of infections. Now Hambledon – in common with many others parts of the country – is about to enter Tier 4 restrictions as further measures have become necessary to try to combat the spread of Covid-19.

We are still in difficult and worrying times. But the spirit of our community is undiminished and we can look forward to resourceful 2021 as we, once again, rise to the challenge.

And it is in this spirit that we send our best wishes for the new year ahead, and look forward to playing our role in helping keep our community connected and focused.

The Village Web Team


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26 days ago

Well done to all the site team it really has helped, thanks again

Tracy Cooper
Tracy Cooper
26 days ago

Yes, thanks so much for all you have done. We are all very lucky to live in such a special village.