New Windows for the Village Hall

Those who read the parish magazine will already know that the Village Hall Committee have been planning on replacing all the existing single-glazed windows at the hall with double glazed ones.

This is in order to reduce heat loss to make the hall warmer, less damp and reduce our carbon footprint. We hope that it will also mean a reduction in heating expenses.

We have looked at various options and have decided that replacing them with wood-effect UPVC is best. The main consideration is the reduction in the need for upkeep in the future with UPVC. Wooden windows need repainting every few years and the committee feels that it is important to reduce annual costs as much as possible now and for future committees and Hambledon residents.

The windows will be in the same style as they currently are, which is casement for the entrance hall, store rooms and toilets and sash windows for the main hall. The kitchen window has already been replaced with UVPC and we are very pleased with that. It is now draught-free and looks almost the same as the original.

We are in the process of applying for a grant for the cost of the work.

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