Update on Lane End Road Closure – Work on Target But No Chance of Early Reopening

Hambledon Parish Council has maintained its contact with SGN concerning the road closure at Lane End where new gas mains are being installed.

It has continued to request that the road be opened, under traffic light control or at weekends and evenings. SGN and its contractors agreed to review the situation. However, SGN has now stated unequivocally that the complete closure will remain in place for the duration of the undertaking. It cites health and safety and Covid-19 requirements as its reason for the decision.

The road was closed for an anticipated 12-weeks in early January and SGN has confirmed to the parish council that work is on target. The closure means no access in or out of the village from the A283 Petworth Road and a three-mile diversion through Milford.

The parish council has continued to hold weekly teleconferences with SGN to explore increasing accessibility for residents and to ensure any delays are flagged at the earliest opportunity and given due consideration to mitigate.

SGN said it had commissioned the first 100 metres of new mains and was working on upgrading individual service pipes to Lane End properties. This was expected to be completed before the end of February when the next stage will begin.

Since the last update SGN has agreed to:

* Move the traffic cones from the boundary of Petworth Road.

* Install better signage to ensure diversions and road closures are more obvious to drivers.

* Put on hold follow-up maintenance work on Malthouse Lane until further notice

The parish council is aware of the increased volume of traffic through the village as vehicles entering and leaving St Dominic’s School now have to use the narrow Malthouse Lane. SGN has said it will look at this issue.


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Jeremy H, Vann
Jeremy H, Vann
10 days ago

The diverted traffic down Woodlands Road/Vann Lane, plus the two house builds mean the road surface is starting to get badly damaged.

Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers
10 days ago

Thanks to the Parish Council for their efforts on this. I don’t understand how health and safety and Covid 19 requirements prevent opening at weekends and evenings, when the contractors are not working. Also, the diversion is much more than 3 miles. From the Village Shop to my home in Hambledon Park via Hambledon Road, Station Lane, Rake Lane Petworth Road and Wormley Lane I clocked 5.9 miles.