Saved for Posterity – Recording of Church Bell Tolling after Death of Duke of Edinburgh

10th April 2021: The bell was rung 99 times at Hambledon Church

A recording that captures a special few moments as Hambledon Church bell tolled 99 times following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh has been kept for posterity and can be listened to on this website.

Prince Philip died, aged 99, on April 9th this year, and Hambledon observed the protocol following the passing of a senior member of the Royal Family. The parish council placed formal notification on its noticeboards and on this website and chairman John Anderson paid respects on behalf of the village.

On behalf of the church and village, George Pitt raised, then lowered, the Union Flag, according to custom, at St Peter’s.

It was announced that church bells would toll at noon the following day. Derek Miller undertook this and, as the Union Jack fluttered in a gentle breeze, the solitary bell chimed out across the countryside surrounding the church.

The flag remained at half mast until the morning after the Duke’s funeral at Windsor Castle on April 17th.

A recording of part of this ceremonial occasion can be found by following the link above. For the news story published at the time, please follow this link

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