Parish Council Response to rail timetable cuts

Hambledon Parish Council has prepared and submitted a detailed response to the proposal by South Western Railway to halve train services from Milford and Witley stations.

SWT has conducted a public consultation on the changes it wishes to bring into operation when it introduces a new timetable in December this year.

The new timetable, if implemented, would see a significant reduction in peak time services from the two nearest stations to Hambledon – Milford and Witley – used by many residents to commute to work, to schools and for services not available in our village location, such as surgeries, hospitals and large shops and supermarkets.

The response, prepared by Councillor Robin McKeith, challenges the presentation of data by SWT, examines flaws in the process and points out that a significant reduction in services will cause over-crowding, force more cars on to the road and is not in line with Government policy to encourage train use.

Local MP Jeremy Hunt was sent a copy of the parish council response. He described it as “brilliant” and said he plans to quote from it in his weekly update of constituency matters.

The response can be found on the Document Library of the Parish Council on this website, or here:

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David Hall
David Hall
3 months ago

As regular user of the train service from Milford to London, 3 times each week, I would comment that although the pandemic significantly reduced commuter traffic there is clear evidence of a steady return to rail usage. The current situation where the fairly slim service during the day is augmented in the rush hour periods is just adequate to sustain a good level of usage. Any reduction is going to trigger a huge increase in car borne commuting as the passengers drive to Guildford to catch the train. This is counter strategic, wasteful and uncaring. Currently Southwesternrailway is owned and… Read more »