Jubilee Treasure Hunt Answers

Hambledon Jubilee 2-5 June Walking Treasure Hunt Answers

1. Lion.       

2. Absolute Security 

3. 250 Years old approximately.

4  Alfie Hammond kindly donated the bench 41 Years ago  to replace one given by Vera Alfrey .    

5. A bat. 

6. A H Van Gruizen ( who was Lord of the Manor )  for George V’s Silver Jubilee in 1935.

7. Waverley B.C. and Hambledon Parish Council in 2002.

8. DORA Cottage and eight steps .

9. Put up in Edward VII’S short reign between 1901and 1910.

10. REGAL Security   . 11. Apples – Russett and Bramley .

12. To keep rats and mice from entering the granary.

13. One of a pair of mill stones for grinding grain.

14. Arrives 14.31 pm so 46 minutes.

15. Bench says 1902 so  the Hall is 120 Years old this year.

16. Elstead Sharks Football Club.  

17. G= Green.

18. A Horseshoe above the door.  

19. Banham.

20. people.

Hambedon Jubilee 2-5 June 2022 Cycling Treasure Hunt answers .

1. 1786  Bramley , Dunsfold , Chiddingfold  and Hambledon parishes .

2. Grange Terrace  E F .   

3. Waterloo ie 1815.

4. Admers Cottage  Hercule Poirot    David Suchet.

5. Lion     

6. Absolute Security .

7. Peace Through Christ .      The tree is  approx 100 Years old.

8. Oliver Cottage.    

9. A Bat.

10. A H Van Gruizen  for George V’s Silver Jubilee in 1935.

11. Waverley B C and Hambledon Parish Council in 2002.

12. E M Read who died  at 101 years  old.

13. Eight Humans , Three “green Men “ and some animals .

14. The Old yew has been dendrochronically dated to approx. 800ad .

15  The Pound , its purpose was to keep stray animals until their owner had paid a fine for their release.

16. Edward VII reined between 1901 and 1910 so between 112 and 121 years old .

17. Elstead Sharks Football Club.

Thank you for taking part, we hope you enjoyed the Treasure hunt and learnt a little about the history of the Village .

The Winner will be contacted in W/C 6 June .

George Pitt

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Nick Page
Nick Page
1 month ago

Hi There,
Just like to say a big thank you for organising the Platinum Jubilee weekend, so much hard work and effort went into it , we thoroughly enjoyed the Treasure Hunt, The Beacons and the gardens and your kind hospitably, the Jubilee lunch was excellent and great fun and great company
Thanks again the Page Family x

27 days ago

Echoing Nick’s comments: the Hockridge family likewise enjoyed all the activities and community spirit engendered over the long week-end. I even bumped into some visitors who had come from Gosport to see Oakhurst on Thursday.They had announced their intention to return to see the open gardens on Saturday and told me what a treat it had been.