BEWARE! Dangerous Pothole and Water Leak on Rock Hill

A carriageway water leak on Rock Hill, approaching the Merry Harriers, has now developed into a large pothole. A cyclist hit this earlier today, was treated initially for his injuries at the nearby Hambledon Nursery School, and has since been taken to A&E.

Over the weekend, a cyclist hit the same pothole, went over her handlebars and suffered facial injuries including a broken nose. She was cared for by Merry Harriers staff until an ambulance arrived.

This leak has previously been reported by Hambledon Parish Council but despite repairs, the problem keeps returning. Today the council has, once again, reported the issue to Surrey Highways and also to Thames Water.

It has also been reported by the Nursery School following the accident today and staff have been told that the issue has been “escalated” by Thames Water.

Hopefully temporary repairs can be made as soon as possible and the parish council will press for a more effective permanent repair.

In the meantime, please take extra care when descending Rock Hill and we are grateful to the nursery school and to Louise at the pub for the help they have given. Also, thanks to David Edmiston for swiftly placing some warning cones by the pothole.

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