Proposed ban on HGVs in Hambledon and Surrounds – Have Your Say

Heavy goods vehicles using the village’s narrow lanes as a cut through could soon be a thing of the past as Surrey County Council proposes an exclusion zone which will include all of Hambledon, Hydestile and Vann.

Hambledon Parish Council has lobbied SCC on this issue over many years, calling for measures to restrict HGV movements unless making local deliveries. In addition, Paul Osborne, a Hydestile resident living on Salt Lane, a rural route blighted by HGVs, has tirelessly campaigned on the issue, providing compelling evidence of inappropriate use by large lorries.

In recent years, Kevin Deanus, our ward county councillor, has taken the issue up at County Hall, pressing for an enforceable ban.

Finally, we have a result. SCC Highways Department has picked up on the issue and, after extensive research, has published details of the proposed exclusion zone. Hambledon Parish Council has already responded positively to the proposal and residents have the opportunity to express their own support, objection or comment. Details of how to do this can be found at the end of this article.

In order to ensure that, in banning HGVs from Hambledon’s lanes, the menace of large lorries on unsuitable roads is not pushed onto nearby villages, SCC highways planners are proposing an area-wide ban aimed at stopping cut throughs on lanes linking the A3, A283 and A281.

Any heavy commercial vehicle exceeding 7.5 tonnes will be barred from the zone The only exclusions are for the emergency services, works and maintenance, refuse collection and local deliveries. Businesses operating within the zone are exempt.

HGV drivers will be confronted with red NO HGV signs at entry points such as Station Lane at Milford, Tuesley Lane, Wormley Lane and Lane End into Hambledon village and, further afield, Brighton Road in Godalming, and the A281 on the approach to Dunsfold and Hascombe.

Unlike the current blue “unsuitable for heavy goods vehicle” signs, which are only advisory, unenforceable and widely ignored, drivers will face fines and possible prosecution if they ignore the red signs.

Hambledon Parish Council welcomes this proposal coming, as it does, after years of campaigning. It also wishes to place on record its gratitude to Paul Osborne and Kevin Deanus for the considerable contributions they have made to achieving this outcome.

Details of the proposal, a map of the exclusion zone and how to comment can be found by following the link below. If you wish to take part in the consultation please do so by June 21st, 2024.

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