Superfast now enabled for Hambledon

Hambledon has now got Fibre enabled to Cabinet 6 of the Wormley Exchange.  The first residents to use the service are seeing speeds of upto 35Mbs (once they sign up to the increased tariff and extra box installed).    The closer to the cabinet the higher the speed possible.   Cabinet 6 on Petworth Road  is not too far from the Wormley Exchange at the top of the hill near the bridge over the Railway.

For those residents that need to check if their postcode is included in ths Superfast Scheme go to:   If you are included, you need to go to BT, or TalkTalk to request upgrade to their BT Infinity products (extra monthly cost and install fee)

For those residents that are not in the scheme (particularly those to the North of the Village, Feathercombe, Hydestile, & Enton) go here to see the campaign to get SuperFast enabled.