The consultation period ended on March 14 and the county has since contacted the Parish Council to say that it is holding further meetings with Stagecoach and will consider the proposals put forward by Hambledon.  A meeting with Hambledon and Busbridge parish councils could follow.

The county has stressed that it must meet its savings target but said: “There may well be ways to mitigate for some of the proposed impacts in certain communities.”

Hambledon Parish Council was thanked for its “positive approach” and told that a meeting could be “useful”.

In the meantime Surrey County Council will examine all the responses to the consultation. On its website it states: “This will be fully analysed and the views of everyone who took part will be taken into account when drawing up the final proposals with bus operators.  This will ensure that vital saving will be made whilst maintaining as many of the services as possible which residents rely upon most.”

A summary of the consultation results will be available on the SCC website early next month. Final proposals will be considered by Cabinet, the council’s decision making body, on May 24 and service changes announced in June.  Those will come into effect in September.



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