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We would like to update you on progress at The Garden House in Hydestile.  We have been developing the project for around 4 years and the estate is now looking very different.  For those of you who pass by on Hambledon Road, you may have noticed a large pond and new planting.  We are now better placed to spread the word about the project and would like to let people know what it is that we are doing.   We would like to invite you to think about how The Garden House estate can be used by either you or people that you may know who could benefit from the resource that we are creating.Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 13.06.22

As you can see in the flyer, we would like to make The Garden House available for local people to use for activities in the new woodland, pond and wetland environment, orchard; and later in the year, in the new garden. Wildlife is a key theme for the site as a whole and we will continue to focus on habitat creation and wildlife sensitive management in all that we do.

We already have a number of volunteers, with a range of different aspirations, experience and abilities, who come to the site to develop their skills and to benefit from the therapeutic value of working on the land.  We are very open to proposals from people about new uses for the site, whether it be a scout or guide group using an open circle in the woodland, a school or nursery group drawing wildlife, a forest school group enjoying activities, a local craftsperson using willow grown on site to make baskets, or a green woodworker wanting somewhere to run a chair-making course.  There are a wide range of possibilities, many of which we will have not yet thought of. 

We are probably best described as a philanthropic and social enterprise project with a focus on the sustainability of people and the environment.  We are driven by a desire to create a thriving, inspiring, supportive, healthy and fun estate, with broad wildlife value, supporting people’s development in a rural setting.

If you have ideas or contacts that might appreciate knowing that we are here, please can you let them know.

We have just launched a new website:   Please feel free to have a look.  We are open to suggestions for relevant links to and from the site. 

Andy Holdaway, Estate Manager

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