Court challenge to Dunsfold development

As discussed at the recent Parish Meeting, today has seen announcement of a legal challenge from Protect Our Waverley against the Dunsfold Park development of 1800 homes.

This is in addition to the court challenge to the Waverley Local Plan (along with 2 other separate challenges to the Local Plan).  There is detail here:

2 thoughts on “Court challenge to Dunsfold development

  1. Hi Mary, Yes it is a long process, but the prospect of Dunsfold New Town is perhaps the most important issue facing Hambledon in last 50 years. As you heard at the Parish Meeting, people are suggesting a relief road. If in 10 years time and we have 80% of Dunsfold New Town residents commuting 8 miles to the rail stations at Milford and Witley, and to the A3 then that suggestion of relief roads does not bear contemplation – that road would slice West from Dunsfold and probably be best placed to cut between Vann and White Beeches to South Hambledon across the Petworth Road and meet with the A3.

    So that is why this is a fight worth taking to court – the 2008 Planning Inquiry stated that Dunsfold was unsustainable – and nothing has changed for the better since then, yet the second planning inquiry says Dunsfold is sustainable because the projected demand for housing is greater – albeit Woking’s demand. That has to be addressed by the court.

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