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There are Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators (NWCs) throughout Hambledon who disseminate crime prevention information and alerts about crime to their respective “watch” members in their locality.  These Co-Ordinators work together to share information that may be of wider benefit to the Hambledon community.  To that end, we have created a new NHW reporting / alert button on this website.  You will see the logo in the right hand margin of this page. That takes you to an email form so residents can report directly to the NWCs about crime matters: suspicious activity, crime prevention information, road issues, or request assistance on crime matters.  Residents still have recourse to contact the Police directly via 101 and 999.

July 2018 alert –   Vigilance in protecting yourself and your property from the potential for crime has never been more important.  Whilst it is a relatively rare occurrence, Hambledon did see a domestic burglary last month, and this month there have been two reports of suspicious activity:

The first was two men in a blue Subaru Impreza off Hambledon Road who were confronted whilst as they appeared to be scouting out unattended driveways and fields. They had an unconvincing excuse for being on the private property – they were ‘looking for a mechanic around here”. This sounds like opportunist attempts to identify insecure fields for later forced occupation.
The second was Monday 2nd July with two men posing as delivery men.  A resident reported that they were scouting Lane End – one of them actually entered a property as the front door was open and then left quickly when they saw the owner. They are attempting to look like delivery men with similar coloured t shirts and branded matching caps.

So keep your eyes peeled for similar activity: unconvincing intruders, cars parked up in unusual places, lay-bys, remote drives etc.   Also beware of front and back doors left open in hot weather.


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