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See the HCF Annual Parish Council Presentation and Video 2013

Last week, the HCF were asked to be guest speakers at the annual Parish Council meeting and we had the pleasure of rounding the evening off with a presentation and video update about our progress and latest news.

Hats off, and many thanks, to the talented Llewelyn family who put the whole thing together. James Llewelyn took time out from his busy A-level study schedule, to film local stars and numerous Hambledon landmarks. He then produced a superb Hambledon montage for all to enjoy!  His equally talented sister, Tash Llewelyn, helped create a wonderfully informative presentation for proud Mum, Julie Llewelyn, to deliver to the audience.

To see the presentation and watch the fabulous video footage, please click on the following link – it may take a few minutes to download because it contains some large graphics and video clips, but it’s well worth the wait! The video footage comes after the presentation slides.

To see presentation and video click here :    http://prezi.com/lai31julzfk1/hambledon-community-fund/


Fund-raising Events in 2013

The government’s Community First 50% matching scheme is now in operation, and helped us reach our initial target of £100,000 at the end of December 2012! We hope to maintain the momentum of our fund-raising efforts, and make the most of the scheme, until it ends in June 2013.

Our next target of £150,000 is now in sight!

Numerous individuals and groups have kindly offered to run some exciting fund-raising events for the HCF’s benefit over the next few months – look out for information posters and please come and join us!

Friday March 22nd – Philip Underwood’s Butterfly Supper – a wonderfully informative event!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.39.55We wish to thank Philip profusely for treating us to such a splendid evening.

The proceedings got off to a super start with Philip’s generous supply of local sparkling cider flowing freely with the pre-talk nibbles! Philip then shared his in-depth knowledge with an audience of nearly 50 people – delivering his light-hearted yet extremely informative speech with alacrity, being the seasoned and expert speaker that he is. We learned of butterflies both near and far, of the history of butterfly collection, and of works in the Chiddingfold Forest to conserve local woodland species.

We all certainly now know how to identify our Skippers from our Swallowtails, and left the village hall feeling not only more knowledgeable, but well sated, after a hearty meal of Julie’s delicious lamb shank shepherd’s pie!

With ticket sales and donations, the evening raised £750 for the Hambledon Community Fund. When matched by 50% under the government’s current charity scheme, this means that £1125 has been put into the HCF account, to be fed back into the community where it is needed.

Congratulations and thanks again to Philip for such a special evening, and to the jovial audience who gave us their support – may you all have a wonderful spring, spotting (and identifying!) our beautiful butterflies, with your new-found skills as amateur lepidopterists!

February 2nd 2013 – HambleRock III – a resounding success!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.39.43Roger Matthews and his band, One Night Stand, raised the roof for the HCF last night in Hambledon Village Hall!

Roger and his team kindly offered to raise funds for the Hambledon Community Fund * by organising a rock and roll night in aid of the local charity. The incredible band played hit after hit and had rockers and rollers from near and far, grooving the night away on the dance floor!

Julie and Kath from the HCF would like to say a huge thank you to Roger, his band and their helpers for treating us to such a special night. Thanks must also go to the fun-loving crowd who bought tickets and helped  to make it such a success. All proceeds from ticket and bar sales are being donated to the fund and we can assure everyone that money raised will be put to good use within the community.

A special mention must also be made to Alison Martin, the Blackmans, Millers and Vickerys for all of their help with the organisation of HambleRock III. They beavered away tirelessly in the background; planning, setting up, feeding the masses and then tidying away at midnight after a hard night on the dance floor! They have amazing energy and wonderful community spirit!

We are now looking forward to two other HCF fund-raising events which are being organised by other fellow  Hambledonians, generous with their time. Details of the Conservation Supper in March and the Garden Party in June are to follow – keep an eye out in the Parish Mag, on the website, and in the shop for details!

Campaigns and Programmes in 2013

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 13.39.36Following a successful appeal last year, the nation-wide Surviving Winter 2012 Scheme, of which HCF was a part, has now launched again to support older and more vulnerable people through the winter months.

Thanks to your kind donations last year, and now this, we now have funds ring-fenced within the HCF to support the elderly and more vulnerable people within our community.  Indeed an individual grant to help with the purchase of fuel has recently been made.

If you receive your winter fuel cheque from the government this year and are fortunate enough to be able to offer it to the Surviving Winter scheme, please follow directions on “ways to donate”.

Equally, if your group supports older or vulnerable people within the village and you require funding, or you know of any individual in need of support, please contact us.  We act in confidence and grants of this kind are not publicised.

Community First government matching scheme

Generous Hambledonians help us reach our initial target of £100,000!

Hambledonians were certainly in good spirits over the festive season and responded generously to our fund-raising pleas by raising over £35,000 in one month!

A huge thank you to those who helped us raise such large amounts – donations of all sizes were made by many, and together you made it possible for us to reach this first target.  Hambledon now has a sizeable nest egg and permanent, sustainable supply of dividends for grant-making.  This should go a long way to help us continue to support its many groups and residents, both now and in the future.

How you did it!

You may remember that in our last magazine article, we announced the start of an exciting new government scheme called the Community First Programme. This programme allows any donation to local, permanent funds like the HCF, to be government matched with a further 50% of funding.  In addition, we had an offer from an extremely generous, anonymous donor, to match (like-for-like), the first £8,000 worth of any donations received whilst the Community First matching programme was in effect – for us, this is until the end of June 2013.  On top of all that, the usual Gift Aid would give us a further 25% of any pre-matched amount.

It was therefore an extremely good time to donate. Locals responded rapidly with donations of around £12,000 and this grew quickly (when matched, and matched again), in to the £30k+ we needed to reach our first target.