Virtual Village Meeting (Draft)

Parish Councillors and key speakers will be online for you to answer questions

We have planned for a Village Meeting that all are invited to attend – virtually. This will be online at a scheduled time that you can see and listen to live on your computer or smartphone. There will be key speakers from the Parish Council, Church and the Village Shop. Initially this is a view-only meeting unless you select to switch your microphone on during the meeting Question & Answer sessions. You’ll have the opportunity for discussion (by text chat or by using your microphone or camera ).

click to see the meeting

The technology (Zoom) is being set up to enable such a virtual village meeting. You will be invited to watch at a scheduled time by following this link (not in use and being tested currently): Link to be added nearer time.

How to view the meeting:

The Zoom app interface – note the mute and start video buttons

If on a smartphone or tablet (Android or iPhone) there is a Zoom Cloud Meeting App that will be downloaded before accessing the village meeting. Follow the link above, install Zoom, allow camera and microphone and then go to the meeting. Once installed the automatic default for this village meeting is to force your camera and microphone to be off (to prevent everyone speaking at once). You can unmute the microphone if you wish to later.

The screen you will see initially if using a computer

If you are on a computer this link will ask you to download the Zoom app (this is the best way ) and once installed you can go on to the meeting. ( If you prefer there is an option that you can select to see the meeting in your web browser without downloading the app. ) The app may ask you to allow access to your camera and microphone – this is OK to allow as later on you’ll be given the choice to use the camera or not. You may be asked to select “Internet Audio” – that is correct. In all cases the default setting for our meetings will be automatically set for your camera to off, and your microphone muted as you join the meeting, so don’t worry about being inadvertently being made part of the discussion on screen. It would be helpful for you to “name” yourself in the app so we know who is asking.

This is an example of the computer interface you may see when connect to the meeting with the key speakers at the top and the person currently speaking in the large window. Participants and the audience are listed on the right.


Click the Participants button to see a list of who has attended the meeting. You can “raise a hand” to ask a question – then either use the chat function to type a question or ask the host if you can say something, or you can unmute your microphone (and also start video if you prefer) using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Then the audience will hear or see you. In a quintessentially English way I am sure it will be well ordered process.

The Participants screen on the Zoom App, with option to “raise hand”

The virtual meeting will be hosted – by a member of the web team who will try to ensure the technology works smoothly and to officiate over the question and answer session – maybe fielding the questions from chat first before opening up questions to be answered by the key speakers you’ll be seeing on screen.

Write your question – or ask to be seen on screen to ask directly

Please bear with us as this is innovative use of technology in challenging times. It may have a few teething troubles initially but I feel it has the potential to being a valuable resource in the coming months.

After the event we will publish a recording of the whole live meeting for viewing on YouTube. Paul Osborne, Hambledon Web Team