Merry Harriers Bridge Group

We are an informal social group learning together by playing rubber bridge under the patient guidance of Judith Crowhurst, who loves the game having played since she was a child. In Spring 2018 we started meeting in the Merry Harriers pub on Wednesday evenings. We don’t have fixed partners and if numbers are uneven, we pair up or sit out for a hand.

In April 2020, after the pub had closed its doors because of lockdown, we started using a great online app called ‘Trickster cards’ . This has an integrated sound and video function which enabled us to continue playing while staying at home. We managed to maintain our convivial approach to the game; with a glass of wine in hand after the first rubber it was almost possible to forget that you weren’t in the same room as the other players.     

Since February 2022 we are back playing in the Merry Harriers on a Wednesday evening. We are also continuing with an online meet on Mondays for those who dont feel comfortable returning to the pub or just want an extra game.

If you would like to know more please contact Judith –