Hambledon Archivists

The Hambledon Archivists are a group of residents ith an ambition to record and preserve historical documents, photographs and artefacts that are relevant to Hambledon. This includes continuing the Hambledon Oral History Project – recording the memories and insights of the people of Hambledon by the use of audio and video recordings.

To launch the Archivists we have two key campaigns:

What’s in your Attic?

A call for residents to search for items, photographs or documents of historical interest that they would like to be digitally scanned or recorded – so that they may be preserved and displayed to a wider audience.

Oral History Project

This project, started many years ago, is simple. We aim to record the voices of those residents that have something interesting to say about living in the village. These recordings can be conducted in an informal way and edited to produce video or audio clips that can be hosted on the village website for everyone to enjoy.

History Map Project

This project, has a ambition to map the locations of historic and interesting images of Hambledon. Pins on a google map will show the locations of a selection of digital scans of postcards, photographs and paintings.

If you would like to take part in either of these initiatives then please contact Ged Hockeridge using this contact form.