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Hambledon has provided homes for the aged poor or infirm of the Parish since the 17th century.   Originally they stood above the bridleway from Rock Hill down to Woodlands Road, once known as One Hundred Guinea Lane – the sum for which this painting by Birket Foster was sold in the 19th century.

There were five almshouses each of one room.   In the 19th century they were condemned and were demolished. A long battle ensured to obtain Charity Commission approval to provide new almshouses in Malthouse Lane.   These were finally built in 1907.    Bathrooms and kitchens were added in the 1920s in a narrow lean-to extension at the rear.

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Shipton Hill, Woodlands Road, Hambledon, Surrey GU8 4HL

Clerk:   Audrey Monk   01428 682258

Bryony Bank Woodlands Road, Hambledon Surrey GU8  4HL

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