The Hambledon Heritage Albums

The 1952 Hambledon Village Scrapbook

(also digitised – Old and contemporary photographs, postcards, artworks, newspaper clippings, written memories and other ephemera: a reference for village life from Victorian times until 1997.

Memories of Hambledon, by Mary Parker. Original of the text compiled in 1968 as an accompaniment to the 1952 Hambledon Village Scrapbook and subsequently published by the Hambledon Heritage Society.

1965 Hambledon Village Scrapbook. Compiled for the Surrey County WI 1965 Scrapbook

Competition; a month-by-month account of village life in words and pictures, including original illustrations.

The Silver Jubilee, 1977. Photographs of Hambledon’s celebrations.

The Nutboune Brickworks. By long-term Hambledon residents Norman and Paddy Gravestock. A brief history from the opening of the Brickworks in 1934 to their closure in 1990, including accounts and photographs of some of villagers who were employed there throughout their working lives.

Hambledon Village Shop. “Shall we try and re-open our Shop?” (following its closure as a commercial undertaking in 1990). Annotated photographs of a display at the Hambledon Village Fete, July 1992.

The Hambledon Village Snapshot, 1999. Published to celebrate the Millenium. 175 householders’ (out of a possible 278) one-three page descriptions, with photographs, of their homes and lives in Hambledon; a forward summarising the history of Hambledon from pre-Domesday times to the present day; and accompanying illustrations by villagers.

Images of Hambledon – a portrait of the village drawing on material from the 1952 scrapbook, by Audrey Monk and Gabrielle Mabley, published 2000

Hambledon Village Shop. 10th anniversary party, 2002, Hambledon Village Hall [in celebration of the Shop’s re-opening in November 1992as a community owned and run venture]. Annotated photographs.

The 2002 Album. The year of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and HM The Queen’s golden Jubilee. Contents page attached.

Hambledon Vilage (Jubilee) Fete. Photographs of the fete, the evening celebrations, the bonfire and other related activities to celebrate HM The Queen’s diamond Jubilee.

The First Red Book. Hambledon histories; Hambledon happenings, 1977-1900. Contents page attached.  

The Second Red Book. Hambledon happenings 1991-2005. Contents page attached.

The Blue Book. Hambledon happenings 2006 – … Contents page attached.


1-2       The death of the Queen Mother, 30 March

3-6       Music at Feathercombe, 8 June

7-10     Hambledon Golden Jubilee fete, 2 June

11-14   Hambledon flower and vegetable show, 31 August

15-16   Arts and Crafts exhibition, 19-20 October

17-18   Hambledon Village Shop 10th birthday celebrations

19        Surrey Hills boundary marker, installed in September

21        Restoration of Beech Hill Green well post

23        Hambledon Nursery School jubilee party

25        The new arrivals [children born to Hambledon parents]

27        Hambledon Post Office and Village Shop: what they do, what they sell

29-30   Special celebrations:    Mic and Sylvia Coleman golden wedding, Florrie Stevenson 90th birthday, Joan Hardy 80th birthday/garden make-over

31-3     St Peter’s Church and the new curate’s study

35        The Worshipful Company of Carpenters’ visit to St Peter’s Church

37        The Almshouses, their Trustees and their residents

39        Oakhurst Cottage

41        Hambledon Cricket Club

43        The Wednesday Afternoon Group (WAGs)

45-6     Hambledon Ramblers

47        Village views [photographs]

49        Hambletots

51        Haslemere & Godalming Dolls House Group; Wey Valley Lace Makers (who met at the Village Hall)

53        Firm Friends (who met at the Village Hall)

55        Godalming Morris Men

57-8     Hambledon properties on the market



1-2     Tigbourne Cottage, 1858 – 1899

3-4     The Pickett family (and see also pp. 177-8 of the Blue Book)

5          Thomas Hammond, born June 1830 Hambledon, and his wife Emma

6          Their daughter Fanny, born 1871 Hambledon; married Arthur Balchin of Limbo Farm

7          With their children Percy, Frank, Morrie and Toby Balchin.  From right to left: Bert Jeffrey with wife Fanny (who lived at Rose Cottage with their five children); son Ernie; son Ted standing just behind his wife Elsie (who were the last inhabitants of Oakhurst Cottage); and daughter Elsie with her husband Tom Hammond

8-9       Hambledon cottages in Old Cottages and Farmhouses in Surrey, pub.1908

10          Hambledon ladies, photographed in ?1902; also in the 1952 Scrapbook, p.13

11-12       Hambledon Hurst, 1918 and 1923

13          The Merry Harriers, 1931

14-16   Grace Squelch’s brothers, ?1915.  Letter from Grace Squelch (the photographs to which she refers on p.2 of Sir James Fletcher and his dog are on p.28 of the Scrapbook, together with a photograph, on p.35, of Grace as the May Queen).

17        Account of the funeral of Mr Milligan, died 25 December 1946.  

18        Peter and his mother Fanny Gaskin’s post card of Hambledon Common sent to Peter’s father, April 1944

19        King Edward’s School returns from its wartime home in Hambledon, 1947

20-21   Hambledon houses, 1951

22-27   Sid Elliott and Privett Cottage

28        The Merry Harriers and HGarrods Stores darts teams, 1950s or 60s

29-30   Eric Parker, died 13 February 1955: Seen in Surrey tribute

31-35  Court Vale, sale particulars 1966 and photographs

36-38     Historical photos, Hambledon houses

39-44   Hambledon Village School photos from 1914 – 1970

45-46   Death Crash Plane Just Misses [Hambledon] Village School, Surrey Advertiser, 7 January 1972

47-52  Old post cards of Hambledon, incl (pp.45-6) St Dominic’s

53-72   Hambledon Village Shop and Post Office: historical information from the Surrey Postal History Group; re-opening as a community venture, 1992; bravery award to Guy Lemieux, 1995

73        Lane End, 1952 and Refugee Cottages, Wormley Lane

74-77   Hambledon Homes (otherwise the Workhouse, Hambledon Union, the Institute)

78        Matterys (demolished, early 1960s)

77-82     Hambledon celebrates Coronation Day, 2 June 1953

83-89   Hambledon celebrates the Silver Jubilee, 7 June 1977

90-91   Purchase of Sutton Palmer painting of Hambledon Common [which hangs in the Village Hall] as a “lasting souvenir of the Jubilee”

92        Women’s cricket match, 19 June 1977

93-94   Planting the Jubilee walnut tree

95-98  The WI Silver [wrongly described as Diamond] Jubilee party, 2 December 1977

99-100     This village keeps its ties with the past, The Advertiser, 23-24 March 1978

102        Villagers meet to fight juggernaut route plan [by SCC, for the A283], 19 April 1978

103-4    The 1978 Parish Meeting, The Advertiser, 5 May 1978

105-8  Best Kept Village, 1984

109      Hambledon Village Shop collage [which hangs in the Village Hall], 1984;  the Octavia Hill memorial seat on  top of Hydon Ball

110      Institution of the Rev. Canon Peter Sertin, 7 May 1985

111-24  Oakhurst Cottage history, including its opening as a National Trust cottage museum with the support of the Parish Council; Stanley Cookson’s account of the time he spent there as a war-time evacuee; and an early NT guide book (probably written by Joan Hardy and published during the 1980s)

125-31  The Great Storm, October 1987 – photographs

132-7   Hambledon village fete, 1984

138      Best kept village, 1988

139-40  Godalming Band, Village Hall, 1988

141-2   Century of Fine Stitchwork, coronation sampler worked by Mrs Jeffery of Oakhurst Cottage and presented to Godalming Museum, Surrey Advertiser, 27 January 1989

143      Rejection of plan to build 52 houses on the Hydestile Hospital site, Surrey Advertiser, 31 March 1989

144    The entrance to the (then) Hydestile Hospital site.  Installation of the Rev. Christopher Blizzard-Barnes, 1 September 1989

145      WAGs tea party at Beech Brow, 1989

146      Rock ‘n’ Roll, 1989

147-8   Hambledon Cricket Club: Race Night, Village Hall, 1989.  Old Time Music Hall, Village Hall, 1990

149-57   Hambledon village fete, 1990

159-60  Godalming Band, Village Hall, 1990

161      The changing faces of agriculture in Hambledon, 1990 – photographs

 162    Postcard of Rock Hill and Vann Lane



1         Opening of the Nursery School car park, 15 November 1991

2          Hambledon village fete, 1992

3-4      A Village in View, Hambledon, 13.8.1993 (Haslemere Herald)

5-6       Hambledon village fete, 1994

7-11       Rose Sage (“Auntie Rose”) who lived at Oliver Cottage, on her 100th birthday, Mirror Woman, 3 August 1994

12        Mary Parker: an appreciation [on her death], The Advertiser, 6 January 1995

13        VE Celebration concert, Village Hall, 1945

14        Hambledon village fete, 1996

15-18   Hambledon Heritage exhibition, 28 February – 1 March 1998, and other events in aid of the Mary Parker Memorial Fund [for conserving the 1952 Village Scrapbook]

19-20  “A Walk Through Hambledon”, 1998   

21        Canon Charles Oldham: an appreciation [on his death in 1998]

22        Retirement of Brenda Stansfield, head teacher, Hambledon Nursery School, Surrey Advertiser, 17 July 1998

23-26  Winning Surrey’s Best Kept (small) Village competition, 1999

27-36   Hambledon’s “Parish Pages”, forming part of the Surrey Hills Jigsaw Project, 1999

37-40  Welcming in 2000 in the Village Hall

41-44     Reg May: an appreciation [on his death], Trials and Motorcross News, 1 January 2000

45-48  Planting the Millennium English oaks opposite the Village Hall

49        Malthouse Lane street party, September 2000

50-52   Nutbourne Cottages, 2000

53-54   Nutbourne Brickworks, 2001

55      Keep Grass Roots Cricket Alive, cricket in Hambledon, The [Waverley] Link, summer 2001

56        The sponsored slim [in aid of the Cricket Club pavilion fund], The Advertiser, 6 July 2001

57       Building the steps at the top of FP181 (Rock Hill), 12 September 2001

58        CLA Wildlife Sites award for Stephen Dean, Surrey Advertiser, November 2001

59     “Memories of Hambledon” by Mary Parker (1989, reprinted 2001)

60       Ron Beasley, former Merry Harriers landlord, appreciation [on his death], Surrey Advertiser, 19 July 2002

61      Refurbishment of St Peter’s Church flag and banner, 2002

62-64   The conversion of the Old Coal Yard, 2002

65      The Henry Smith Charity, Parish Magazine, December 2002

67-74   Hambledon Parish Plan, 2003

75        Retirement of Mary Caroe and George Pitt as Hambledon Nursery School Trustees, Parish Magazine, February 2003

76-82   Opening of Duncombs Cottages by HRH Princess Anne, President, Rural Housing Trust, 9 January 2003

83        Hambledon Heritage Society AGM [at which Annabel Watts talked about Helen Allingham], Parish Magazine, May 2003

84-5     Fred Elliott, 1909 – May 2003: an appreciation [on his death]

86        Archie Hutchins, 1904 – May 2003: an appreciation [on his death]

87        Hambletots, summer 2003

88        Hambledon Village Trust, created April 2003, purchases Hambledon Village Shop and Pendle Cottage

89-90   Poirot comes to Hambledon [filming at Vann, autumn 2003]

91       Hedgerow Survey [by the Hambledon Heritage Society], autumn 2003

92-94   Great House on the market

95-102   Starving for a Pavilion”, 27-29 February: sponsorship chart, photographs: Surrey Advertiser, 13 February; Daily Telegraph 9 February; Haslemere Herald, 5 March 2004

103-7   A Walk on Jekyll’s Wild Side [Vann garden], The Garden, April 2004

108      Stephanie Couvela arrives in Hambledon as Associate Minister

109-10   Flint axe found on Hambledon Common, 23 April 2004

111-16  Hambledon village fete 2004

117      Retirement of Ion Campbell as Chairman, Hambledon Parish Council, May 2004

118    Barbara Beadle retires as head teacher, Hambledon Nursery School, Surrey Advertiser, 23 July 2004

119   Formal opening of the new Hambledon Cricket Club pavilion, 10 July 2004

120    Postcards of Hambledon (from original paintings)

121-2 Policing in Hambledon (John Hockley appointed Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, April 2004)

123-4 Molly Vacher, 1914 – October 2004, an appreciation [on her death]

125-6  Hambledon calendar, 2005

127-8  Surrey Village of the Year competition, 2005: why Hambledon didn’t enter

129   Hambledon Village Shop: ownership in the 1920/30s

130   You’ll find it in the Parish Magazine:   poem by Terry Cornell, May 2005

131-6 The history of Bryony Hill

137-8  The Hambledon Village Trust brochure

139     Ray Williams telling at the 5 May 2005 general election

140-3  Hambledon Village Shop and Cricket Club support for the Surrey Farm and Village Shop Day, 17 September 2005

144    Post Office long service recognition for Jane Woolley’s “10 years of distinguished service with Royal Mail Group” [as nominated Hambledon postmistress]

145-6  Development plans for St Peter’s Church [addition of a meeting room]

147      Bobby Dazzler – PC Hockley wins the 2005 Community Police Officer of the Year award

148-50  Hambledon Village Shop barn restoration, 2005



1          Hambledon Village Shop on Air, January 2006

2          The Hambledon [Churchyard] Yews (findings of the dendrochronology dating, March 2005)

3-7       The Seventy/70 Challenge, June 2006 [Hambledon Village Trust sponsored walk to raise funds for the Hambledon Village Shop up-grade]

8          Hambledon village fete, June 2006

9-10     Partying at Malthouse Farm, August 2006

11        Hambledon Village Shop: first promotional leaflet, autumn 2006

12        “Focus on Hambledon”, The [Waverley] Link, August 2006

13-14   Campaign to save the Post Office, Daily Telegraph article by Stewart Payne, 20 October 2006

15-16   Sale brochure, Rose Cottage, 2006

17        Hambledon Football Club: purchase of the football field

18-20   Hambledon Christmas Concert, 3 December 2006

21-22   Appeal to save [Waverley] Post Offices, Surrey Advertiser, 16 February 2007 (with Jeremy Hunt MP signing the petition to save Hambledon Post Office)

23-24   Formal opening by Jeremy Hunt of the up-graded Hambledon Village Shop, 18 May 2007

25-26   Waverley Design Awards, 23 October 2006 [Special Community Award, Hambledon Village Shop, for barn restoration and 2006 shop up-grade]

27-30   Photographs of St Peter’s Church

31-32   Hambledon Football Club: improving the pitch, planning for new changing rooms, Parish Magazine article by Mic Coleman, 2008

33        Hambledon flower show, September 2008

34        Queen’s Birthday Honours, Surrey Advertiser, 20 June 2008 [award of MBE to Jane Woolley]

35        Surrey Village of the Year Award.   Surrey Advertiser, 19 September 2008.  Hambledon village fete 2008, Surrey Advertiser, July

36        Theft of york stone from Vann, Surrey Advertiser, 28 November 2009.  Hambledon wins Sustainability Category, South England region, Village of the Year, Surrey Advertiser, 26 June 2009

37        Hambledon Village Shop volunteers (photo montage)

38        Launch of the Hambledon village website, 2008

39-40        Oakhurst Cottage brochure

41-43   Southern Water laying mains drainage through (part of) the village, 2008-9

44        Scaling new heights [at St Dominic’s], Surrey Advertiser, 12 May 2008.  A land girl in Hambledon [during WW II], Surrey Advertiser, 12 September 2008

45-46   The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra at Hambledon Village Hall, 30 April 2009

47-50   The Merry Harriers changes hands: photos and Surrey Advertiser articles, 2008/9

51-54   Visit of Princess Alexander, 9 July 2009

55-56   The snow storm and deep freeze, 6 January 2010

57        Derek Miller resigns as Editor of the Parish Magazine, May 2010

58-59   Pugin and St Peter’s Church, Parish Magazine article by Audrey Monk, January 2010 and Surrey Advertiser

60        Hambledon Village Shop, Surrey Advertiser, 12 February 2010

61        Award of OBE to John Anderson, 26 February 2010

62        The Cup Hill Morris Men on Hydon’s Ball, May Day 2010, Surrey Advertiser, 7 May 2010

63-65   Hambledon village fete, 2010

66-68   St Peter’s personalities (Giles Carpenter, Stephanie Couvela), Haslemere Herald, 6 August 2010 and Surrey Advertiser, 3 July 2010.  Fanny Gaskin’s 100th birthday, 28 August 2010, Haslemere Herald

69        Louis de Berniers “Growing up in Hambledon” (on the occasion of the publication of Notwithstanding)

70-71   Hambledon fruit and flower show, 2010

72        Promoting produce at Hambledon Village Shop, Parish Magazine, October 2010

73        Saving the pub, saving the phone box, Surrey Advertiser, 1 and 22 October 2010

74-75   A Country Mansion at the Nutbourne Brickworks? Surrey Advertiser, 5 and 26 November 2010

76        Panto at the Merry Harriers [in aid of the Football Club], Surrey Advertiser, 21 January 2011

77-78   The Marvellous and Unlikely Fete of Little Upper Downing, theatre at Hambledon Village Hall, 23 February 2011

79        Hambledon’s own grit bin, Surrey Advertiser, 11 February 2011

80        May Day on Hydon’s Ball, Surrey Advertiser, 6 May 2011

81        Ron Vickery and Derek Miller retire as Parish Councillors, Surrey Advertiser 13 May 2011, Parish Magazine July 2011

82-83   Go-ahead for stately home at the Nutbourne Brickworks, Surrey Advertiser, 27 May 2011

85        Drug den in Hambledon: police seize £25,000 worth of cannabis, Surrey Advertiser 10 June and Parish Magazine July 2011

86-87   Hambledon Football Club achievements, Parish Magazine July 2011, Surrey Advertiser, 2 December 2011

88-89   The Hamble Ramble [in aid of the Hambledon Community Fund], 12 June 2011, Parish Magazine, July 2011

90        Hambledon Heritage guided walk, 26 June 2011, Parish Magazine, May and August 2011

91        Map of the Manor of Hambledon, 1763

92-93   Hambledon flower, fruit and vegetable show, 3 September 2011

94-95   Photos that (nearly) won the Surrey Village Photo competition, 2011

96        Raising money for cancer research, Surrey Advertiser, 2 September 2011.  St Dominic’s fete, Surrey Advertiser, 26 August 2011

97-101 Over the Counter, Hambledon Village Shop feature in Convenience Store,  8 October 2011.  Launch of “Our Land” project at the Merry Harriers by Kate Humble, Surrey Advertiser, 21 October; Haslemere Herald, 28 October 2011

102      Basil Dean, creator of ENSA, by his son and grandson, Winton and Stephen Dean, Parish Magazine, November 2011

103      St Peter’s Church and the Rev. Bullock:  a Pugin Monument Rediscovered, by Audrey Monk, 2011

104 -5  The [Hambledon and Busbridge] Church Big Day Out, Parish Magazine, November 2011

106-7   The 201 Hambledon Xmas party, Parish Magazine, 2012

108      Hambledon Community Fund mugs go on sale at Hambledon Village Shop, Haslemere Herald, 24 February 2012

109      Award of the Legion d’Honneur [for pioneering surgical work and teaching] to Prof. Michael Bailey, Surry Advertiser, 12 April 2012

110-11 Restoring Busses Common [to heathland], 2012

112      Licensing and Installation of the Rev. Catherine McBride [as Associate Vicar of Hambledon], 8 May 2012

113-4      Hambledon Heritage Society brochure, by Audrey Monk, of a circular walk around Hambledon

115-6   Appeal for funds for the up-grading of the Hambledon Almshouses

117      Godalming Community Heroes: Norman Gravestock for services to the Holloway Hill Bowling Club, Surrey Advertiser, 2 May 2012

118      Award of BEM to Mic Coleman, Surrey Advertiser, 22 June 2012, Parish Magazine, November 2012

119-35  Hambledon celebrates the Diamond Jubilee, 2012

136      New curates for Hambledon, Parish Magazine, August 2012

137      Community policing – tea at the Village Hall, Surrey Advertiser, 24 August 2012

138-39   Hambledon Football Club new pavilion, Surrey Advertiser, 30 November 2012 (and 15 August 2014)

140-2   Hambledon Village Shop 20th birthday celebrations, November 2012

143      Three years old and celebrating remission from cancer, Surrey Advertiser, 21 December 2012

144      Bus stop signs return to Hambledon, Surrey Advertiser, 29 March and 9 August 2013

145      Anniversary of German bomber crash in Busbridge, Surrey Advertiser, 12 April 2013

146      Morris dancing on May Day, Surrey Advertiser, 3 May 2013

147      Hambledon Football Club – funds and vandalism, Surrey Advertiser, 10 May and 12 July 2013; Parish Magazine, July 2013

148-50   A Night at the Opera [Hambledon Community Fund fund-raiser] at Hydon End, 8 June 2013

151      Ten years with the llamas, Surrey Advertiser, 2 August 2013

152      Denys Kinsella, 1923-2013: an appreciation, Parish Magazine, October 2013

153      Hambledon flower show, 31 August 2013

154-5      Winton Dean, 1916-2013: an appreciation, The Times, 23 December 2013

156      Dick Whittington at the Merry Harriers, 17-19 February 2014, programme

157      Storms ruin Christmas [including in Hambledon], Surrey Advertiser, 3 January 2014

158      Martyn Grove, Surrey County Football Association Groundsman of the Year, Surrey Advertiser, 28 February 2014

159-60   Natural Successors – Vann’s garden, Telegraph Magazine, 12 April 2014

161      Opening of the first refurbished Almshouse, 28 June 2014

162-3   Hambledon village fete, 21 June 2014

164-5   Restoration of Hambledon Village Pond, Surrey Advertiser article [provided by Stephen Dean] dated 10 September 1955

166      Surrey County Council Community Improvement grant for Hambledon Village Shop, Surrey Advertiser, 17 October 2014

167      Hambledon village show, Parish Magazine, October 2014

168-70  Unveiling of the Greensand Way Viewing Map, Hambledon Common, 22 June 2014 [a Hambledon Heritage Society project]

171      Oakhurst Cottage conservation, Surrey Advertiser, 28 November 2014

172      Proposed affordable housing at the Merry Harriers, Surrey Advertiser, 9 January 2015

173-4   The Story of the Hambledon (Surrey) Almshouses, brochure by Audrey Monk;  the opening of the second refurbished Almshouse, 20 September 2015

175     Hambledon Village Shop:  The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, 19 September 2015

176     Retirement of Jane Woolley as Hambledon Parish Clerk, December 2017

177-8  Hambledon Village Shop celebrates its 25th birthday, 17 June 2017

179-80  Filming “Howard’s End in Hambledon, 2017

181-2    St Peter’s Church: a 70-year old inventory (from the February 2019 Parish Magazine)

183-4   The Picketts (details obtained from family members, 2020, supplementing photos included in  pp.3-4 of the First Red Book) 

185-6   Orchard Farm, 2014-2020

187-8   Hambledon Village Hall, September 2017 – 7 March 2020 (lockdown day, 23 March 2020)

189     The Old Coal Yard – from the Freemantles to the present (2020)

191  Some Hambledon notables: 

The Mellersh family including related information re the Lord of the Manor of Hambledon, the Matteryes estate and the Borrowmans

Mrs Watney/Weguelin (Mervil Hill) 

Ray Williams (died January 2016)

Raymond Smith (died January 2016)

Joan Elliott, who lived at Maple Bungalow (died 2017, three months short of her 102nd birthday)

Tony Field, who lived at The Piggeries (died 2017)

Norman Gravestock , 90th birthday tribute, February 2019                               

Mic Coleman and Pat Williams (both died summer 2019)                                   

Joan Hardy, who lived at Pendle Cottage (died April 2020)                                 

Mary Caroe of Vann, who died of Covid-19, April 2020 

Annie and John Tidmarsh, died 5 March 2020 and 27 February 2021