Photo Contest 2018 – Vote now! Enter your photo.

Competition Rules:

Please submit your photograph for the competition by using the Upload boxes at the bottom of the page.  Please read the competition rules first and ensure we have your contact details.   You will need to log in as a registered user of the website.

  • You may submit upto 3 photographs per theme.
  • The competition is open to Hambledon residents only.
  • All photos must be your own work, and must have been taken since June 2017.
  • You should get the permission of any persons featured.
  • There are 5 subject themes:
    • Juniors (12yrs and under):         Favourite Places or Animals
    • Seniors (over 12):                         Wild World, Wild Life
    • Seniors (over 12):                         Local Landscape (Hambledon and close surrounds)
    • Seniors (over 12):                         Thrills and Spills
    • Seniors (over 12):                         Happy Times
  • The winner of each theme will win a Certificate.  The overall winner will be awarded a voucher for a meal at the Merry Harriers.  Awards will be made at the Village Fete.
  • The photos must be uploaded via the form below (login or register to do so), or sent to
  • Technical specifications:  JPEG, or JPG format. File size no larger than 2Mb.
  • Judging and announcement of the winners will be at the Village Summer Fete June  23rd 2018
  • Judging will be based on the interpretation of the theme and consideration of the public votes from the website.

If you have any queries, do contact the webteam.


Anyone can vote.  You can click the star to vote for any photograph(s) – but only one vote per photograph. To see a photo enlarged just click it, and the title and category details are revealed by clicking the double arrows at the centre-top.   Keep returning to the website to see any additional submissions.

Submitted photographs so far:

Submit your photos:

To take part and submit photos you will need to be a registered user of, and logged in.     

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You have to be registered to upload your images.

Register to be take part:

If you are not a registered user of then please use the form below to register:

2 thoughts on “Photo Contest 2018 – Vote now! Enter your photo.

  1. Ged, Do try again. You have to be signed in to the site to see the upload window at the bottom of this page. If you are not a registered user, then use the registration form on this page.

    Or if you prefer, send the photo via email to the Webteam – use the link in the rules section on this page, or in the main menu under Contact.

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