Almshouse Project completed

Sunday, 20th September saw the finalisation of this project with the opening of the second almshouse. The project was started over two years ago by Andy Falk and his appeal for donations. The funds were found and we now have two modernised dwellings for the benefit of Hambledon residents. This was celebrated with a party and the ribbon was cut by Audrey Monk.


LiberTea at Hambledon

The Houses of Parliament have asked our Parish Council to organise an event at 3pm on Sunday 14th June to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta and the Montfort Parliament. This event is to hear the church bells being rung and to drink a cup of tea at this time,and to reflect on what difference the Magna Carta has made to our lives.

Our event is known as LiberTea at the Top.In other words we invite the people of Hambledon to join us at the top of the Common at the viewpoint and drink a cup of tea with us and hopefully cake will also be provided.

I would also be grateful for knowledgeable persons to come and explain what the Magna Carta was all about.

If the weather is poor we shall hold the event in the Village Hall.

Remember,Sunday June 14th at the top of the Common at 3pm.

Any queries or for offering help please contact me at or 07771 633599.