Power Line Partially Down on Hambledon Road – UPDATE

UPDATE to news item below: SSE engineers were able to carry out repairs without any significant disruption to the traffic.

Overnight high winds and torrential rain have dislodged a power line causing it to sag where it crosses Hambledon Road beside the football ground.

Scottish and Southern Electricity has been informed and a police officer is in attendance to ensure high-sided vehicles do not make contact with the live cable. Cars and vans are able to pass underneath but the road may be closed when SSE attend to make repairs.

With 28 power cuts reported across the SSE region following the stormy weather – although none in Hambledon – it is unlikely that engineers will be on site until lunchtime at the earliest. In the meantime the police officer will remain in attendance to supervise traffic.

The power line crosses the Hambledon Road from Hydon Farm Cottages to the field opposite, just before the entrance to the Badger Park Football Ground. If a diversion is necessary it will involve motorists using Station Lane, Rake Lane and Petworth Road.


Wise Up For Winter

Hambledon Parish Council has an Emergency Plan procedure in place in the event of harsh winter weather bringing disruption to the village.

However there are many simple precautions people can take to make sure they can cope with cuts to power supplies and phone lines, a problem that has affected Hambledon in the recent past and usually caused by high winds or heavy snow.

If power fails so to do household phones as many cannot function without electricity. As a safeguard, make sure you have a stand-by phone that does not need a power supply. The council has a small supply of such phones and if you require one please leave your details at the village shop.

Frosty Hambledon, November 30th, 2016

Mobile phones lines can also fail during severe weather and it is worth remembering that the public phone box outside the village shop does not require electricity and will continue to work unless overhead lines have been brought down. Operator, reverse charge and 999 calls are free but you will need to use a bank card for all other calls.

Keep torches handy and make sure that you have a supply of batteries. A battery-operated radio will also come in useful for listening to local radio bulletins. Tune in to BBC Surrey on 104.6FM or Eagle Radio on 96.4FM.

The village website will also carry updates at www.hambledonsurrey.co.uk.

Please keep an eye on your neighbours, particularly those living alone or infirm, especially during cold spells and weather-related disruption.

If conditions are severe the Emergency Plan volunteers will do their best to assist with any individual issues as well as deal with general problems around the village such as fallen branches/snow blocking roads, paths and drives and maintaining contact with external agencies.

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Winter Weather Precautions for Hambledon

A major cut of trees close to power lines was completed this year by Scottish and Southern Energy in an effort to reduce the frequency of electricity supply disruption to Hambledon.

SSE has also upgraded and refurbished power lines into the village and promised better communications in the event of outages.

Nevertheless, it is wise to take precautions in a rural area that has suffered from extensive power failures in recent years, usually caused by trees and branches falling onto cables during high winds.

003SSE has provided the Parish Council with a quantity of telephones that do not require a power supply to work, wind-up radios, battery-operated magnetic lamps, safety lightsticks, compact foil blankets and heat packs for warming cold hands.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from any of these items they are available free for collection from the village shop.

It is important to remember that many modern phones require power to operate so a stand-by phone that simply requires a connection to the telephone line is an essential.

Stock up on batteries for torches and radios.

In extreme weather electricity and telephone lines may fail as may mobile phone networks.  Snow or fallen trees can isolate the village. Although such an outcome is rare it has happened. The Parish Council has an emergency plan in place to help cope with such an event.

It is worth remembering that the phone kiosk at the village shop will continue to work in a power failure. The pay phone no longer accepts coins but you can dial 999 for free. You can also dial 100 for the operator to make reverse charge calls.

If you, or someone you know, may be considered vulnerable during a power cut, you can register with SSE’s Priority Services Register on 0800 294 3259. There is a leaflet in the shop explaining this service.

The following telephone numbers and addresses should be kept handy.

SSE – Scottish and Southern Energy (power cuts and emergencies): 0800 072 7282.

Surrey County Council (for on-line updates and advice): www.surreycc.gov.uk/winter.

Latest travel information: https://twitter.com/SurreyTravel

Waverley Borough Council: For general information, refuse collections etc, go to www.waverley.gov.uk adding the word weather to the search bar if your inquiry relates to this issue. Also, for latest news and emergency updates from the borough go to www.twitter.com/waverleybc

Radio updates will be broadcast on BBC Surrey on 104.6FM and on Eagle on 96.4FM

Hambledon village website will also carry updates: www.hambledonsurrey.co.uk

In the village, the Hambledon Emergency Team is:

Stewart Payne – 07831 393561, Tim Coleman – 07838 763767, and Nick Watson – 07770 553686

In the event of severe disruption and communication failure the emergency team will be on hand around the village, centred at the village shop.

It Was Good Weather For Ducks

Forecasters say that the worst of the severe weather that caused power loss and flooding over the Christmas and New Year period is over.alt

The partly re-surfaced Hambledon Lane has taken a pounding and deep gullies have opened up on either side of some stretches, now marked with a succession of cones. The new surface has broken and bulged in places and, at the Hydestile end, the old surface is in a dreadful state following flooding. Work has yet to restart on finishing the resurfacing, but it is clear that contractors will need to revisit some parts already completed.

Only ducks seems to have enjoyed the miserable weather, with several pairs taking up residence on the “lake” that has formed in the field at Hydestile.

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Power Cut Compensation As Wet Weather Continues

altHambledon residents are to be compensated for the power loss they suffered over Christmas.

The whole village was without electricity for much of the festive period with some parts cut off for four days as a result of severe weather.

Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution has announced that it would pay £54 to customers who were without electricity for 48 hours and a further £54 for each subsequent full 12-hour period without power. Those affected for any length of time on Christmas Day would receive £75.

Further details can be found at http://www.ssepd.co.uk/Goodwill/ and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25590636

altIn the meantime wet and windy weather continues and some residents have experienced problems with minor flooding, mainly as a result of water running off the common into low lying areas.

And Hydestile has seen the arrival of a “lake” in the field beside Hambledon Road and Station Lane as a result of water running off the road, unable to be carried away in blocked ditches and culverts. Below is the view looking towards Hydestile from the Milford direction.


Old maps at the turn of the last century show a pond in the same location.  The following photograph shows water pouring over the roadside bank and into the field.


Winter Weather Precautions


Last winter Hambledon suffered from extensive power cuts when high winds brought down power lines.

In a rural and heavily wooded village it was trees and branches falling onto electricity supply cables that caused most of the problems.

SSE, the power supplier, has embarked on an extensive programme of tree cutting around high, and some low, voltage lines to clear them of overhanging branches that pose a threat to power distribution. It has also pledged to improve communications at its emergency call centre. A lack of up-to-date information was one of the major frustrations last winter.

In the event of a power failure customers should, in the first instance, contact SSE on 08000 727 282 to report the problem.

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Storm Brings Down Trees And Power Lines in Hambledon

Hambledon echoed to the sound of chain saws today as local volunteers cleared trees blocking the villages’s roads.

Parts of Hambledon were left without power this morning, particularly along Vann Lane beyond the cricket green. An oak has been brought down by last night’s storm and is lying acoss the road beside the track to Oakhurst Cottage. It is blocking the road and has brought down electricity cables.


It is a large tree and it will need to be cleared by contractors.  Surrey County Council highways department has been informed, but with hundreds of trees down across the county it is likely to be some while before it is dealt with.

People should use Woodlands Road to gain access to Vann Lane.

Two beech trees blocked Malthouse Lane between the village hall and the Cricket Green turning. Tim Coleman, Arthur Frearson and Stewart Payne used chainsaws to clear the road which was reopened by 9 am.

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Water Main Burst