Hambledon Village Shop Gets More Tech

Earlier this year the Shop got an internet upgrade and many of the customers and volunteers are taking advantage of the fast (38mbps) internet access now available. No password or login is required to use the internet service at the shop, just connect your device to the shop wi-fi when you’re in the vicinity and you’re up and running. The wi-fi extends to all the outside seating, including the new Queen’s bench.

In July the card terminal in the shop was upgraded to contactless. The more customers who use this the better, as it speeds up queue movement when the shop gets busy. Most cards now allow for contactless payment, just tap your card on the terminal when the amount has been entered into it, you’ll hear a beep confirming the payment has been made. Apple Pay is also supported so you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make a payment. The maximum allowed for a contactless payment is £30.

The Shop also now has it’s own web application. If you go to http://hambledonvillageshop.co.uk/hvs1 you can monitor in real time how the shop is performing via a screen of widgets. Click or tap on any of the widgets to dig deeper. The app does not work correctly on some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, but is fine on other browsers and mobile devices.




And, just one more thing… The Shop is active on Social Media in various ways:

Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor all allow you to write reviews of the shop, hint, hint….


Is Your Broadband Being Slowed Down By Your Wi-Fi?

ofcom_appIn the process of carrying out the recent Hambledon Superfast Broadband Survey, it emerged that some properties in the village are not getting the Broadband speeds that would be expected based on their location. It’s possible this is because the wiring directly to the property is not in a good condition, however, it may also be because of the quality of the Wi-Fi signal within the property.

Ofcom, the independent regulator for the UK Communications industry, has recently developed an app which runs on smartphones and tablets and allows consumers to discover the quality of their wireless internet signal – as well as offering practical steps to get the best from your connection. The app will run on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

You can read more about the app and download it here.