HCF – How to apply for a grant

If you or your group would like to apply for a grant, follow the simple steps out-lined below:


1)  Check first that your project fits the Hambledon Community Fund criteria and is eligible for application

We have listed the HCF grants made to date and some more examples of the kinds of projects that are eligible to be supported to help you.

It is also advisable to contact either your local Hambledon Community Fund Representatives or the Grants Officer at our umbrella organisation (the Community Foundation for Surrey) to discuss your project before completing an application form.  They will be able to double check your project’s eligibility for you and give you further advice about applying.

2)  Once you have checked eligibility, you will need to complete and submit an Application Form

You can pick up an HCF Grant Application Form and the accompanying Guidance Notes from the Village Shop, or you can download them here:     latest-small-grants-form—upto-£1000        latest—gift-aid-declaration-form-scf

Support is available throughout your application. If you have any queries about the form, call your HCF or Community Foundation for Surrey representative. It’s best to resolve any outstanding queries about the form before you send it in so that your application can be processed more efficiently. You can call us as often as you like as you complete the form, or make an appointment to meet with us so that we can help you fill it in.

3)  Be prepared to respond to any queries which may arise during the processing of your application

Once your application form has been received, a letter or email acknowledging receipt, will be sent to you. Applications will be considered first by the trustees of the Community Foundation for Surrey for eligibility, and then by the Hambledon Community Fund Grant-making Panel. This process is discussed in more detail on the Who we are page of this website.
To note:
You can apply for an HCF grant at any time throughout the year.
For grants above £1000, decisions are normally made within 8 weeks (usually faster). Grants smaller than £1000 (or urgent in nature) can be considered more quickly under the Nominated Grant process. Make sure you inform us if your application is time-sensitive.