Hambledon Archive

The Hambledon Archive: combining the past with the present

In 1997 it was realised that the Hambledon Scrapbook, which had been passed from hand to hand since its creation in 1952, was showing signs of wear and tear.  Mary Parker, who lived at Feathercombe up to the time of her death in 1994, had been chiefly responsible for creating and keeping it going; so a Hambledon Heritage Exhibition was organised in 1998 to raise money for a Mary Parker Memorial Fund which enabled the Scrapbook to be conserved and re-bound.

The interest which the 1998 Exhibition evoked and the material that was contributed to it awakened a realisation that there was an on-going need for village memorabilia to be retained and recorded.  This led to the establishment of the Hambledon Heritage Society which, amongst other things, compiled photographic and printed memorabilia which are contained in a series of publications and albums – the Hambledon Archive.  This is housed in the Sun Room at Cobblers and can be accessed by anyone interested in finding out more about the history of Hambledon and the personalities who contributed to it.  Please let Jane Woolley know if you would like to visit and browse – 01428 684213 or j.woolley881@btinternet.com

The present content of the Archive is listed below:  it continues to be up-dated, so contact Jane Woolley if you want to discovered what has been added since 2021.   


In the 2-drawer filing cabinet:

Oakhurst minutes  ~February 1985 – November 2017

Contents and picture list, Hambledon Village Scrapbook, 1952

1965 WI Jubilee Scrapbook, plus index of contents

“Memories of Hambledon 1968”, original typed) text and photos

“Memories of Hambledon 1968”, printed copy of original text and photos

Hambledon – some facts, figure and findings, Alfred Goad, 1972

The Silver Jubilee 1977 – photos

Electoral rolls, 1997-2017

Hambledon Village Snapshot, 1999, master copy and photographs

Hambledon Village Snapshot, 1999 – printed copy

Hambledon Village (Jubilee) fete 2012, annotated photos

Hambledon Village Shop (to December 2022)

Hambledon Village Shop, annotated photographs of re-opening, November 1991

Nutbourne Brickworks

Oakhurst Cottage (to December 2022)

In the top drawer of the wooden cabinet:

The Hambledon Village Scrapbook, 1952 (copy of conserved document which is housed in Godalming Museum;  also digitised and on the web site)

The Blue Book (including contents list) – Hambledon happenings, 2006 2021)

The Black Book: people; groups and miscellaneous specifics – details of both listed below

Places – details listed below

In the wooden cabinet:

The 1st Red Book (including contents list) – Hambledon happenings, 1977 – 1998 

The 2nd Red Book  (including contents list)– Hambledon happenings, 1999 – 2005 

Spare brochures, pamphlets (in small paper carrier bag)

–   Hambledon v. Feathercombe 1928-1950: the Story of a Village Cricket Match by Winton Dean

 –  Memories of Hambledon by Mary Parker, 1989 (reprinted 2001)

  – Hambledon: Images of the past 150 years from the Village Scrapbook by Audrey Monk and Gabrielle 

    Mabley, 2000

   – The Story of the Hambledon (Surrey) Almshouses by Audrey Monk, 2008

   – Around the Village: a circular walk, by Audrey Monk, 2012

   Parish Magazines, 1999-2007 (2000 missing)

* * * * *


  1. Hammonds and Jefferies

            Photos, other historical information

            [see also Oakhurst, whose final residents were Ted and Elsie Jefferies]

  1. Mellershes

            Historical information

  1. Pickettts

            Summary historical information

            Information provided by current family members


            Photographs (p.13 – Honeysuckle Cottage when it was the family home)

  1. Other people (mentioned in other albums)

       John Anderson                          Blue Book, pp.39, 171-2

       Edna Atkins                              Blue Book, p.176

       Ion and Muriel Campbell           2nd Red Book, p.148; Blue Book, pp.177-8

       Mary Caroe                               Blue Book, pp.149-54; also Places – Vann

       Mic & Sylvia Coleman              2nd Red Book, p.61; Blue Book, pp.78, 146

       Carlo Davico                             Blue Book, p.175

       Deans                                       2nd Red Book, p.34 (Stephen); Blue Book, p.70 (Basil);

                                                           pp.101-2 (Winton)                         

       Ellingsons                                1st Red Book, p.141 (death of Dorothy); also Scrapbook

       Fred and Joan Elliott                 2nd Red Book, pp.115-6; Blue Book, pp.129-30

       Tony Field                                Blue Book, p.137

       Fanny Gaskin                            1st Red Book, p.18; Blue Book, p.46

       Norman Gravestock                  Blue Book, pp. 77, 143, 161; also Places – Oakhurst and

                                                                 Nutbourne Brickworks

       Joan Hardy                               2nd Red Book, p.62; Blue Book, p.148; also places – Oakhurst

       Archie Hutchins                       2nd Red Book, p.117

       Reg May                                   2nd Red Book, pp.19-22

       Derek Miller                             Blue Book, p.40, 57

       Eric Parker                                1st Red Book, pp.29-30

       Hampden Parker                       Blue Book, p.113

       Mary Parker                              1st Red Book, p.152

       Rose Sage                                 1st Red Book, pp.147-151

       Raymond Smith                        Blue Book, p.120; also Places – Stepaside

       Florrie Stevenson                      2nd Red Book, p.62

       John and Annie Tidmarsh          Blue Book, pp. 147, 173-4;  also Places – Hambledon Village Shop,                                                            Hambledon Village Hall

       Vachers                                    2nd Red Book, pp.153-4 (death of Molly); Blue Book, pp. 69,                                                                       91 (Bethan, remission from cancer)

       Ron Vickery                             Blue Book, p.57

       Ray and Pat Williams                2nd Red Book, p.169, Blue Book, pp. 119, 145

       Jane Woolley                            Blue Book, pp.18, 139-40


  1. Hambledon Village Scrapbook: photos and conservation report
  2. Hambledon Women’s Institute (see also separate book: 1965 WI Jubilee Scrapbook)
  3. HMS Hambledon
  4. Sunday Reflections (Hambledon in Lockdown, 2020)
  5. Hambledon Parish Assembly, April 2021 – The reports delivered to a virtual meeting on account of lockdown
  1. Other groups/specifics (mentioned in other albums)

            Cricket Club                 2nd Red Book, pp.31, 32, 71, 127-34, 149

            Football Club                Blue Book, pp.11, 15-16, 60-1, 89-90, 95, 105

            Hambletots                   2nd Red Book, pp.88-9, 118

            Henry Smith Charity     2nd Red Book, pp.75-8

            Ramblers                      2nd Red Book, pp.83-6

            WAGs                          1st  Red Book, p.123; 2nd Red Book, pp.79-82


  1. Places with their own albums  (bottom drawer, 2-drawer filing cabinet)

            Hambledon Village Shop

            Hambledon Village Shop, annotated photographs of re-opening, November 1991

            Nutborne Brickworks

            Oakhurst Cottage

Places in the red ring-binder     

  1. Hambledon Almshouses

            Trustees and residents, 2002

            Appeal for funds for up-grade, 2012

            Opening of the upgraded Almshouses, 2014 and 2015

  1. Hambledon Village, then Nursery, School

            The Development of Hambledon School from 1875-1944

            Hambledon Village School pupils, photos and memories, 1914-1970

            Death crash plan just misses Village School, January 1972

            Opening of the school car park, November 1991

            Brenda Stansfield retires as Head Teacher, Hambledon Nursery School, July 1998

            Hambledon Nursery School 2002 Jubilee party

            Retirement of Mary Caroe and George Pitt as Trustees, January 2003

            Barbara Beadle retires as Head Teacher, July 2004

  1. Hambledon Village Hall

            Historical summary

            Events, 2017 – lockdown (2020)

  1. Matteryes

            A history of the estate

            Sale of contents, 1965 (prices realised added manuscript)

            On the market, 2002

  1. The Merry Harriers

            Photograph, July 1931

            The Merry Harriers v. Harrods Store London darts team, 1950/1960?      

            Ron Beasley, landlord: obituary, July 2002

            Colin and Sue Beasley, immediately prior to the sale

            Change of ownership to Colin and Julie Stoneley, August 2008

            Great British Pub award, November 2009

            Launch of Our Land project by Kate Humble, October 2011

            Ten years with the llamas, August 2013

  1. Orchard Farm

            Development plans (English Rural Housing Association), 2016 – 2020

  1. St Peter’s Church

           Edward Seymour: All Saints Witleyt, Falkland Islands, St Peter’s (1915-1946)

            History, Hambledon Church (Parish Magazine, Aug-Sept.1948

            The History of St Peter’s Church, 1965

            Institution of the Rev. Peter Sertin to the Cure of Souls at Hambledon Church, May 1985

            Licensing of The Rev. Christopher Blissard-Barnes, September 1989

            50th anniversary of VE Day commemoration service, 8 May 1994

            The Old Rectory, 1930-1997

            Creation of Joint Benefice, Busbridge & Hambledon,, 1998; 2002 activities

            The new curate’s study at Mervil Bottom, 2002

            Visit by the Worshipful Company of Carpenters, May 2002

            Arrival of Stephanie Couvela as Associate Minister, March 2004

            The Hambledon Yews

           St Peter’s – a brief history, ?2007-8

            Development plans for St Peter’s

            Photographs (undated)

            Farewell to the Rev. Stephanie Couvela, July 2010

            Discovery of the Pugin monument, 2011

            A Pugin Monument Rediscovered

            The Big Day Out, November 2011

            Licensing of the Rev. Catherine McBride, May 2012

            The new curates, David Jenkins and James Gibson, August 2012

            Farewell to Catherine McBride, October 2017

            St Peter’s church documents (archive compiled 2018)

            A Port Stanley look-alike (the stained glass windows and other historical details)

            Licensing of Simon Willetts as Associate Vicar, 2019

            The Godalming Minster Project (as at November 2022)

  1. Stepaside


  1. Places mentioned in other albums

       Bryony Hill                  2nd Red Book, pp.161-8

       Coal Yard                     2nd Red Book, pp.68-70; Blue Book pp.157-8

       Court Vale                    1st Red Book pp.31-5

       Duncombs Cottages      2nd Red Book, pp.108-14

       Great House                  2nd Red Book, pp.122-6

       Hambledon Hurst          1st Red Book, pp.8-9; Blue Book pp.70, 101-102

       Hambledon Homes/       1st Red Book, pp.48-52

           Hambledon Park

       Hydestile Hospital/        1st Red Book, p.120-22

           The Hydons

       Nutbourne Cottages      2nd Red Book, pp.28-30

       Rose Cottage                Blue Book, p.10

       St Dominic’s                1st Red Book, pp.44-5; Blue Book pp.69, 155-6

       Tigbourne Cottage        1st Red Book, pp.1-2

       Vann                            2nd Red Book, pp.119-20, 135-9; Blue Book pp.1-3, 106-8