Local recycling: The importance of recycling cannot be overstated.  The most obvious benefits are that it reduces landfill waste, saves energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions which helps to reduce our impact on the environment.  The re-use of materials also reduces the need for mining, quarrying, logging and processing raw materials.   

For example, producing new aluminium from old products (including recycled cans and foil) uses 95% less energy than making it from scratch; and making paper from pulped recycled paper uses 40% less energy than making it from new wood fibres. 

In addition, recycling is cheaper than disposing of waste.  One London council reports that “it is six times cheaper to dispose of recycled waste than general refuse.” So, the more you recycle, and the less you put in the bin, the more money is saved, which should be good for households, businesses and local public services.

Village recycling collection point

The Hambledon Village Trust has investigated the opportunity to establish a drop-off location within Hambledon to recycle other items via the Terracycle schemes.  Unfortunately there is a limit on the number of drop-off points permitted within an area and the most useful schemes are all taken within our area meaning we are unable to establish a drop-off location in Hambledon.  Instead we have summarised the most useful schemes below and included information on local drop-off locations. 

And, remember … glass can be recycled indefinitely whereas plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times so if you have a choice, chose glass.

Curbside bin collections (a few reminders and changes you may not be aware of)

 Waverley provides a collection service for four types of bins:

  • Recycling bin – we are lucky in that we can put all recycling items into this bin together, without the need to separate it into glass, paper, plastic etc.  Items must be placed into the bin loose – if you use a plastic bag or add unacceptable items you may inadvertently cause the whole lorry load to be rejected from the recycling centre!  Please rinse and dry items before recycling and leave lids on bottles.  There is a list of which items are acceptable and unacceptable on the Waverley website .  Acceptable items you may not be aware of include foil, plastic trays, shredded paper (needs to be put in a paper bag, envelope or cardboard box), books,  Please do not include crisp packets, coffee cups, greasy pizza boxes, Tetrapak cartons or broken glass.  Plastic bags must also be omitted but can be used in your food waste bin – see below.
  • Food waste – all cooked or uncooked food can be put into your food waste bin; including raw meat and fish (including bones), tea bags, coffee grounds and pet food.  Please do not put drinks, oil or liquid fat into the waste bin.  You can line the waste bin with plastic bags (including regular shopping bags, bread or salad bags) as well as with newspaper or kitchen towel.  Plastic bags are now preferable to compostable bags as improved technology at the food waste plant means that the machinery can split and remove the plastic bags from the food and use both to make energy.
  • Rubbish bin – should be used for anything you can’t recycle (please consider the other schemes below) or items for which you’re not sure which bin to use.  Common items include used nappies, tissues and wipes, coffee cups, black bin bags and bubble wrap.  Please do not include batteries (these can be recycled at the tip).
  • Garden waste – this is a paid-for service (£72 per year plus £40 for the bin) which operates throughout the year.  Waste put into the bin is sent to Envar Composting to be made into compost for agricultural use.  You can include grass cuttings, hedge cuttings, small branches, weeds, leaves, prunings and fallen fruit.  Please do not include kitchen or food waste (use your food waste bin), animal waste or coal and wood ash.

You can check your bin collection day via this link:

Witley Community Recycling Centre (the tip)

  • Address: Petworth Road, Witley, Surrey, GU8 5QW
  • Telephone: 01428 683 168
  • Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm

Weekends – 9am to 4pm

Bank holidays – open except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

In addition to the recycling facilities the centre has a shop where you can buy pre-owned items for the house and garden, reducing waste and supporting local charities.

You can recycle a number of items at the tip which you can’t put in your curbside bins.  These include:

Free to recycleFree to recycleChargeable
CDs,books and DVDs
Cooking oil Furniture Batteries
Mobile phones
Textiles eg clothes and shoes
Printer cartridges Water filters Spectacles
Gas bottles
Engine oil and car batteries
Flourescent tubes
Large electrical items eg fridges and freezers
Small electrical items
MetalPaint (water-based/emulsion only)
TVs and monitors
Hardcore and rubble
Gypsum based products/plasterboard

Village shop

Mary Grove has arranged for a small, green bin to live outside the Village Shop to collect empty medicine blister packs.  Mary kindly then takes these to be recycled.


Terracyle is a global company listed in the US.  Its aim is to eliminate the idea of waste by providing ways to recycle the “unrecyclable”.  It runs a number of free schemes focussed on specific items (e.g. pill blister packs, plastic cheese packaging, contact lens packaging etc) and a paid for scheme called Zero Waste Box, aimed to make recycling easy.  

Free Terracycle recycling schemes

These schemes are aimed at hard-to-recycle items from Marigolds to Ferrero Rocher!  You collect your items and take them to a drop-off location where they are collated and sent to Terracycle for recycling.

Some of the more popular schemes which accept items from all brands are detailed below, along with the closest drop-off location. More information on the free schemes and which items are accepted can be found on the Terracycle website. 

Drop-off locations for free schemes

Drop-off locations are subject to change so please check Terracycle website before you visit at:  The local drop off points collecting the widest range of items are:

  • Cats Protection, Chase Lodge, Upper Hammer Lane, Haselmere GU27 1QD
  • 47 Larch Avenue, Guildford GU1 1JZ
Type of packaging recycled (sponsor)Examples of items accepted (all brands)Closest drop-off location
Cheese  (Cathedral City)Cheese wrappers, plastic film, nets and labels for mini cheeses Shalford  (Charleen)
Confectionary  (Nestle)Chocolate bar wrappers, multi-pack packaging and sweets bags Guildford  (47 Larch Avenue)
Crisps and snacks (KP)Crisp, popcorn, nuts and pretzel packs Haselmere  (Cat’s Protection)
Biscuits and cakes  (Pladis)Biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers Godalming  (St Edwards)
Writing instruments (Bic)Pens, pencils, highlighters, felt tips and tipex Hindhead  (The Royal Prep School)
Contact lenses (Acuvue)Contact lenses, blister packs and foil covers Godalming  (Boots)
Laundry  (Proctor & Gamble)Flexible packaging and tubs from laundry and dishwasher tablets, pods, dryer sheets, air freshenersHaselmere  (Cat’s Protection)
Make-up and beauty products (Burts Bees)Foundation and eyeshadow cases, mascara and lipstick tubes, body wash and lotion tubes, dispensers, caps and pumps, moisturiser tubesHaselmere  (Cat’s Protection)
Dental products (Colgate)Toothbrushes and packaging, electric toothbrush heads, floss containers, toothpaste tubes and capsGrayshott Dental Practice
Party accessories (Cardfactory)Foil balloons, foil banners and sashes, ribbons and weights, any other party accessoriesGuildford  (Card Factory)
Makeup (Maybelline)Lip, eye and face makeup packaging
Beauty products (L’Oriel / Garnier)Skin care, beauty and hair care packaging (except shampoo bottles)Guildford
(47 Larch Avenue)
Home hygiene (RB)Dishwasher tablet packaging, dishwasher salt packaging, stain remover packaging, cleaning wipes packagingHaselmere  (Cat’s Protection)
Coffee (Taylors of Harrogate)Coffee pouches and packagingGuildford  (47 Larch Avenue)
Bakery  (Warburtons)Bakery plastic packaging, plastic trays, plastic bread bags and closure tabsCranleigh  (For Earth’s Sake)

There are also a number of brand-specific schemes covering Pringles to Hasbro toys and a Gillette envelope programme to recycle razors and razor blades  Schemes are subject to change so it is worth regularly checking the Terracycle website for new schemes.

Zero-Waste Box Terracycle recycling scheme (paid for)

The Terracycle Zero-Waste box is a cardboard box for your home or office.  They claim they can recycle almost everything that can’t be recycled by local council services.  You order the box, fill it, send it back via UPS and order your next boxThey come in various sizes and types.  Below are some examples of what can be recycled.

If you are aware of another recycling scheme you think would be of interest to Hambledon residents, please let the Hambledon Village Trust know and it will be added to the list.