Report suspicious activity

Surrey Police have an online portal for submitting reports or CCTV of suspicious activity. Click here or the image to the right to access the Surrey Police reporting portal.

Surrey Police are asking Surrey residents to help us reduce the number of burglary offences in Surrey by submitting any video footage (such as CCTV, dashcam, or smart doorbell footage) and photographs which show suspicious activity via their online submission portal.

However if you believe you have been a victim of crime please report it to us using the online reporting tool via the Surrey Police website. In an emergency always call 999. 

In addition to notifying the police of suspicious activity it would be worthwhile informing your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator as they may be able to piece together other reports to build a better picture of trends in suspicious activity in the Village and surrounds.


Area 1  Mrs Sally Marks  Hydestile Crossroads   01483 427249
Area 2    Mr Arthur Blackman    Church Lane    01428 683871
Area 3    Miss Jane Woolley    Woodlands Road    01428 684213
Area 4    Mrs Caroline Pitt    Malthouse Lane    01428 682940
Area 5    Mr Alf. Hammond    Cricket Green    01428 683625
Area 6    Mr Damien Aneja Lane End    07714 049075
Area 7    Mrs Jo Bell    Feathercombe Lane    07803 206592
Area 8    Mr Bryon Ware  Hambledon Park    01428 685075
Parish Council Representative    Mr Stewart Payne    07831 393561
You can send an email to all the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators here, or via the circle icon on the home page.