CoronaVirus Essential Information

Hambledon Parish Council 

Coronavirus & help in the Village

The Parish Council is aware that many people in the village are already being proactive in looking after neighbours. Our community spirit is strong and has always been one of the strengths of the Village. We are reviewing what help and support the HPC can give, in view of this constantly changing situation.  It is not an easy time and there are no fixed answers, so we must be flexible and vigilant.

Hambledon Parish Contacts

Stewart Payne is the point of contact and responsible  for “Emergencies” in the Village.  He will lead this work. His contact numbers are 07831 393561 and 01483 425250.

Please read on for further information and contact numbers.

Other Councillors have specific portfolio responsibilities:

Hambledon Nursery School – Stewart Payne

Hambledon Village Hall  –  Mary Grove

Hambledon Parish Church  – Philip Underwood

Hambledon Village Shop  – Ali Scott-Bishop

Maintenance & Footpaths  – Robin McKeith.

Specific Areas of the Village are also assigned to different Councillors:

Hydestile Crossroads, The Hydons & houses to Horsehatches on Hambledon Road  – Stewart Payne

Horsehatches to Hilltop Farm, Feathercombe, Burgate and Mare Pond Lane – Mary Grove        

Hilltop Farm to Beech Hill to Vann Lane – Ali Scott-Bishop

Vann Lane, Upper Vann Lane & Roundalls – Sean Sinnott

Malthouse Lane, St Dominic’s & Cricket Green – Robin McKeith

Lane End, Cherry Hurst & Hambledon Park – Philip Underwood

We are proposing that these Parish Councillors will coordinate, help, and support the needs of villagers.  They will liaise with the organisations and villagers in these areas, identify needs and report back to Stewart Payne.

We feel the Village Shop and the Parish Church are now, and will continue to be, the main focal points of the village for the greatest number of people.

We will identify where there is most need, who needs what, and how those needs can be met.  We do not want to interfere, but we do want to provide information and a lead across the village.  We will communicate by traditional methods of word of mouth, telephone and notices, as well as on the Village Website and the Parish Magazine.  We also propose to do a mail drop through the village in order to identify particular needs.

We would urge anyone with any specific skills that might come in handy to contact a Parish Councillor.  We would especially be looking for those with medical training and those who could help with collections and deliveries to anyone self-isolating.  We also want to encourage all villagers to continue to be aware of their neighbours, so that issues or problems can be flagged up. 

This is certainly a time when all of Hambledon must and will pull together.

Parish Councillor Contact numbers:

John Anderson  –  01428-682666       Mob. 07974-229170

Mary Grove  –  01483-415815             Mob. 07792-830276

Alison Scott-Bishop  –  01428-681933   Mob.  07787-502996

Robin McKeith  –  01428-682334        Mob.  07886-436498

Stewart Payne  –  01483-425250        Mob. 07831-393561

Sean Sinnott  –  01428-682735           Mob.  07767-481282

Philip Underwood  –  01428-682742    Mob.  07771-633599

Clerk: Julie Flenley  –  01428-683903     Email:

We are all available to be contacted at any time, for any reason, and we will do our utmost to help.

In addition, Jan Floyd-Douglass, who represents the Witley and Hambledon ward on Waverley Borough Council, can be contacted on 07767 660722.

Thank you.

John Anderson

Chairman, HPC                                                          17 March, 2020

(Updated 5 January, 2021)