Sunday Reflection

Well at least the weather changed, welcome rain for those well tended gardens, for those of us lucky enough to have them. Much else has stayed the same in these groundhog days, but at the same time life moves on.

There was some bright news, a baby boy for Tabitha and Dominic Cowell raised our spirits. When the Merry Harriers reopens Ferdi will have become the pub toddler and we’ll have a new pub baby.

Elsewhere around the village, things went on, or didn’t. 

The shop received a very welcome £10,000 grant from Waverley Borough Council under the Small Business Grant Scheme and continued its delivery service. In April 1053 deliveries, comprising 17,408 items. were made with an average order value of £53.

Those of us working at the shop are very grateful for all the messages of support, but really feel we’re the lucky ones. We have a purpose and structure in our lives which is missing for so many. We’d love to involve more people as volunteers, many have offered, but we’re trying to minimise interactions as much as we can. If, and when, we are able to expand the shop’s offerings, we’ll need all the help we can get.

Here’s a glimpse of what currently goes on in the shop.

The annual dawn chorus walk this year was a self-isolated event, going ahead with the participants wandering through their own gardens at dawn, noting the bird’s they heard and recording the birdsong.

On Hydon's top there is a cup
And in that cup there is a drop
Pick up the cup, and drink the drop
And place the cup on Hydon's top.

Unfortunately the May Day pilgrimage to the top of Hydon’s Ball and, more importantly, the breakfast at the Merry Harriers afterwards won’t be taking place this year. Thanks to Mary Grove for providing a picture from the past.

But there has been some activity on Hydon’s Ball. Hambledon seems to have it’s very own Banksy. Whoever you are, I salute you.

There was also plenty of activity in the village for the Thursday clap, but I think the birdsong may have won.

And finally, if you have Spotify, here’s a playlist for you, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Mary g
Mary g

Much enjoyed – thank you Jon