Sunday Reflection

Since the introduction of restrictive measures to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, Hambledon website has invited village organisations to reflect on life under extraordinary circumstances. This week we hear from Camilla Edmiston on behalf of the Book Club.

There is something truly magical about losing yourself in a really good book. Never more so than in the current strange times in which we find ourselves.

As part of the Merry Book Club I have loved the opportunity to sometimes be challenged to read different things – books I would never have chosen but have then really enjoyed. Or sometimes not.

However, it is still a revelation and creates interesting conversations when we meet and discuss who likes what and why.

Talking to people I know, there are those who have struggled to concentrate to read books in the current situation. Some have found they can enjoy audio books. I have found myself picking up all sorts of random books and sitting in the sunshine to devour them. It helps to transport me elsewhere, to imagine faraway places or to be grateful for all that I have, and to really appreciate friends and family.

I am missing our meetings at the Merry Harriers where we would normally spend a convivial evening, catching up over some supper before talking about the current book and exchanging ideas for others we have read or would like to.

We are much more a ‘supper club’ that talks about books, very relaxed and informal. Members come even if they have not finished or read the book – provided they don’t mind a ‘spoiler’. Like so many other groups, we have resorted to virtual meetings, It has been great to ‘see’ each other and catch up, but we are all missing the relaxed atmosphere at the Harriers.

Our most recent book, The Lido by Libby Page, made me think about our wonderful village. It is a beautifully written, evocative tale of community. Gently told but showing how in times of crisis everyone rallies around.

In our little village we see concern for neighbours, assistance where needed or just a friendly ‘hello’

I feel so blessed to live here and to regularly see how good people are to each other.

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